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(Graphic by Zara Deen)

Obesity Rates in U.S. Reach Dangerous Heights

Zara Deen, Reporter April 14, 2023

Teen obesity rates have been increasing rapidly over the last 50 years, with 17% of the 42 million teens in the U.S. classified as obese, or about seven million obese teens.  This is a huge difference...

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BTC’s Diversity Week Brings Appreciation and Celebration to Campus

Sea Kings enjoyed celebrating and acknowledging their differences this week with events such as the Buddy Basketball game, multicultural food fair, and writing letters to senior citizens. The week ends with the Day of Silence on Friday, April 14 in honor of the LGBTQ+ community.
April 14, 2023

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(Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

Biden Administration Approves Willow Project

Sophie Sun, Reporter April 14, 2023

Crude oil company ConocoPhillips’ Willow Project, a massive oil drilling project in Alaska, was recently approved by the Biden administration despite the huge environmental consequences of the project.  After...

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Free period products in girls’ bathrooms at PVHS. (Photo by Eva Mayrose)

Flow on the Go!

PVOW fundraiser puts period products in bathrooms for first time
Eva Mayrose, Opinion Editor April 14, 2023

If you are someone who frequents the three main girls’ bathrooms on campus, you may have noticed the recent introduction of free period products in each restroom.  For those who may not know since...

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From 40 units to 20: Dual Enrollment Policies Change

Enna Hosoi, Reporter April 14, 2023

Dual enrollment has been offered for many years and has become popular as a method for students to take classes on their timeline.  There are a variety of classes students can take through the process.  Students...

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PVIT’s FRC team at a competition. (Photo courtesy of Lorraine Loh-Norris)

PVIT Competition Season is Underway

Sophie Stoddart, Reporter April 14, 2023

PVHS’s highly successful PVIT program has entered a new competition season. Various teams of individual student-engineers specializing in branches such as robotics and rocketry will go head-to-head with...

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Spring Musical “Something Rotten!” Will Crack You Up

Amber Chen, Editor-in-Chief April 14, 2023

Bright lights, stage fights and a dazzling chorus — what’s not to love?  On April 14, the satirical musical “Something Rotten!” is opening at PVHS. Shows run until April 23.  Set in...

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What Happened to Armenians 108 Years Ago?

Ella Sherry, News/Online Editor March 14, 2023

Beginning in the spring of 1915 and ending in 1923, an immense number of Armenians living in modern-day Turkey were murdered or driven from their homes by the Ottoman government.  An estimated 600,000...

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(Photo from the Daily Maverick)

The Danger of Earthquakes

Tremors in the Middle East cause concern for California
Eva Yancheson, Reporter March 14, 2023

In the early morning of Feb. 6, Syria and Turkey were rocked by a deadly 7.8 magnitude earthquake. Two weeks later, a 6.3 magnitude quake caused additional injuries and damage.    Currently, the death...

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(Graphic by Olivia Kao)

College Board Creates Controversy

Olivia Kao, Reporter March 14, 2023

In mid-December of 2022, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ heavy criticism over the College Board’s AP African American Studies course caused the non-profit organization to revise the curriculum.   According...

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Shein’s Questionable Success

Zara Deen, Reporter March 14, 2023

Shein, an online fast fashion retailer based in China, is now worth over 100 billion dollars and is one of the top five online stores, along with Amazon. The company is known for its cheap clothing and...

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(Photo by Chloe Choi)

Annual Honors Recital Ends on A Good Note

Amber Chen, Editor-in-Chief March 14, 2023

Bright yellow lights pierced through an otherwise dark auditorium. As a storm raged outside, live music flooded the room, captivating an audience of hundreds.  On Feb. 24, the PVHS music department...

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