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Taylor Swift v.s. NFL Fans

A Melodic Interception of Sports Culture
Hailey Kim, Reporter/Social Media March 18, 2024

In 2010, Taylor Swift penned lyrics that eerily foreshadowed the unlikely intersection of her world-famous music career with the realm of American football. Fast forward 14 years, and Swift has become...

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(Photo by Olivia Kao)

Behind the Curtain: The Pit Perspective

Olivia Kao, Features Editor March 18, 2024

The PVHS Drama Department is notorious for putting on high-quality, entertaining musical performances each spring. Whether it is on stage or behind the curtains, everyone involved in the making of these...

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Discover your next read: Sea King book recommendations

Sierra Hickey, Reporter/Social Media March 18, 2024

Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens Genre: romance, murder mystery, historical fiction “The main character is very fascinating, and the book speaks a lot about nature and the scenery of...

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(Photo courtesy of David Fotion)

Superstar Substitute Teacher:

Get to know Mr. Fotion
Sophie Stoddart, Sports Editor March 18, 2024

 “A special place upon the Earth is what I call PV High, and it is an accurate description”. You may have seen Mr.Fotion around campus, or have had the joy of having him as a substitute before. Either...

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(Photo by Chloe Choi)

The Magnificent Ms. Wei

Ethan Sung, Reporter March 18, 2024

Nancy Wei has been teaching all Chinese classes as well as running the National Chinese Honor Society at Palos Verdes High School. Born in the capital of China’s Yunnan province, Kunming, Wei was rawised...

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(Graphic by Sophie Sun)

Music with Musa:

Was Travis Scott robbed of a Grammy?
Musa Deen, Reporter March 18, 2024

 On February 4th of 2024 A ROBBERY OCCURRED towards the greatest of all time Jacques Burman Webster II a.k.a Travis Scott. A well deserved Grammy after having one of the best performing years in the entire...

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Celebrating Black History Month

Zoe Barton, Reporter March 18, 2024

With February being widely recognized as Black History Month, banners line the halls around Sea King Park in an effort to raise awareness about this important month.  The origins of Black History Month...

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(Graphic by Ananya Balaji)

Eccentric Earnings with Ananya Balaji

Makayla McNeill, Reporter March 18, 2024

Expressing your own creative ideas can be very liberating. Freshman Ananya Balaji has been expressing her own creative drive with making earrings.  “Firstly, I wasn’t happy with the earrings I...

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(Graphic by Kate North)

Sea King Style

Country Club Core with Norman Nolan
Kate North, Reporter March 18, 2024

How would you describe your style in one word? Country Club or Golf. What inspires your style? I always wear a collared shirt…I never wear a t-shirt. Unless it’s pink. That’s okay. What...

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(Photo courtesy of Krystal Deng)

On the Runway:

Krystal Deng’s Modeling Journey
Ella Hansen, Reporter March 18, 2024

From Haute Couture to New York Fashion week, high fashion runways have created a wave of new trends in culture for decades and are known to display some of the world’s best designs for clothing. However,...

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Turning Back Time with Teachers

Kate North and Valerie Villegas March 18, 2024

Some say high school is the best four years of your life. But, in Palos Verdes Peninsula School District, many alumni have been drawn to continue long past those four years coming back as teachers and...

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Around the Country: Student Travels

James Lew and Natalie Dardon March 18, 2024

“While [in Arizona] it allowed me to relax and appreciate what we the views and how modernized everything is.”  Rylee Rodriguez (10)   “[Visiting Maui] definitely...

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