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Introducing the New 2023-2024 ASB Executive Board

Hailey Kim, Reporter April 18, 2023

Palos Verdes High School is excited to introduce its new ASB Executive Board for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year. The new board members, who were appointed without an election process due to the absence...

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(Photo courtesy of Karen Kostrencich)

Students Participate In Tradewinds Slam Poetry Night

Sierra Namvari, Photo Editor April 14, 2023

The Tradewinds Literary Magazine 2023 Slam Poetry Night took place on April 7.  There was a large turnout of parents and students who came to support the poets of the night.  Slam poetry is a form...

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(Graphic by Eva Mayrose)

The Rise of Hit HBO Series “The Last of Us”

Eva Mayrose, Opinion Editor April 14, 2023

So, you’re on your daily afternoon TikTok scroll and it seems as though you’ve been thrown down the rabbit hole after liking one video about the hit HBO series “The Last of Us.”   Now, every...

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(Photo by Ollivia Kao)

From Physics to Sax, Max Colomer Does it All

Chloe Choi, Centerspread Editor April 14, 2023

Whether it’s leading the FRC team to victory, playing music with his friends, or studying advanced physics, senior Max Colomer does it all.  Colomer is the lead electrical engineer and captain of...

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Q and A with Chadwick Transfers

Aaron Propst, Reporter April 14, 2023

Q. What are some of the main differences between Chadwick and PV? A. Sophomore Caroline Chu - “One [of the] main differences is the class size and how that really [impacts] the overall school...

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How Cultural Identity Defines An Immigrant’s Experience

Aidan Shen, Reporter April 14, 2023

The United States is a melting pot of cultures due to a high immigration rate. Second-generation immigrants are those who were born and raised in the United States but have parents who were born and raised...

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Walther Won’t Falter

A glimpse into the life of PVHS icon Grant Walther
Lucia Ruiz, Editor-in-Chief April 14, 2023

“You’re the man, Grant!” campus security guard Coach exclaimed, zooming past our interview in the golf cart. Senior Grant Walther is The Man, two-time Scholar Quiz champion, Model United Nations...

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(Graphic by Sophie Sun)

Is Artificial Intelligence Replacing Human Intelligence?

Sophie Sun, Reporter March 14, 2023

The rise of AI has been a hot topic for the past decade, with the inventions of AI robot Sophia and the quickly growing machine learning industry, artificial intelligence is more relevant than ever.  Recently...

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PVHS’s CompSci Curriculum Prepares Students to Revolutionize the Tech World

Hailey Kim, Reporter March 14, 2023

As technology continues to advance at lightning speed, it’s no secret that coding and computer science are becoming increasingly important skills for high school students to possess.  At Palos Verdes...

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(Photo Courtesy of Valentina Gardner)

Summers in South America

Senior Valentina Gardner Connects with Family in Colombia
Kelly Donahue, Features Editor March 14, 2023

For senior Valentina Gardner, visiting her family in Colombia every summer has been an absolutely amazing experience. Although she tries to do different things every year when she goes, one of her favorite...

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(Graphic by Chloe Choi)

A Case of Test Flu

How Skipping Tests Creates a Variety of Problems for Teachers and Students
Chloe Choi, Centerspread Editor March 14, 2023

Test flu is a highly contagious disease that has been targeting overwhelmed high school students for years. Many students participate in extracurricular activities, sports and community service on top...

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Explaining Wellness Tiktok’s New Trend, Lucky Girl Syndrome

Explaining Wellness Tiktok’s New Trend, Lucky Girl Syndrome

Lucia Ruiz, Editor-in-Chief March 14, 2023

The romanticization of health and wellness has taken social media by storm. Since the original self-care movement in the 2010’s, there have been numerous trends online regarding self-healing and wellness....

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