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How Sea Kings are celebrating this holiday season


During the month of December, many different holidays are celebrated around the world. 

It is a festive time for many to spend with family and friends.

Christmas is celebrated every year on Dec. 25th across the world. 

Although this holiday has religious roots, it has evolved into a festive celebration to wrap up the year celebrated throughout the entire month of December.

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“I love Christmas movies, decorating my room and baking christmas foods and desserts,” said Junior Lanie Escobar. 

“Every Christmas Eve me and my family go to church, watch The Polar Express, and open one present. I love that it is a time when my entire family comes home because my siblings are older.” 

Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday that occurs over a series of eight nights. The exact dates of Hanukkah change every year but it usually occurs between late November and December. 

This year the first night of Hanukkah is Friday, December 8. 

Families across the world celebrate Hanukkah in different ways. 

“[Hanukkah] traditions can be simple or extravagant, it usually depends on the family. We say our prayers and light the candles on Hanukkah,” said senior Erin Kessel. 

“I like that Hanukkah brings people together, Jewish or not. No one really talks about Judaism until the holiday season, so it’s a great time to have recognition not just for Judaism, but for other religions that aren’t as common as well.”

Kwanzaa, the annual celebration that occurs from December 26th to January 1st, brings families and communities together to celebrate African and African American culture. 

It is a non-religious holiday that is mainly about recognizing the past and bringing people together. 

PV High’s Black Student Union celebrates Kwanzaa together every year during the holiday season.

“We have a Kwanzaa party before we go off for break, where we all just celebrate and have a potluck party,” said BSU Co-President Nennaya Okorocha, junior.

The primary symbols of Kwanzaa are the seven candles and each one has a different meaning. 

“Traditionally one candle is lit on each day of Kwanzaa. We light all seven candles together when we celebrate since we only do a one day celebration,” said Okorocha.

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