Complacency is Complicity

Sarah Liu, Writer

May 22, 2019

“And you all know,” Shakespeare warns in Macbeth, “security is mortals’ chiefest enemy.”  At Palos Verdes High School, this warning has never mattered more, as our security was our downfall in light of the racist ...

Leaving Ignorance Behind, Moving Tolerance Forward

Seren Cho and Jamie Doo

May 22, 2019

We’ve been through this before. The past few years, we’ve gone through similar incidents. A student does something offensive, it goes around school, and then we move on. We forget. And, it’ll happen again.This year...

A Response to Racism

Akunnia Akubuilo, Guest Writer

May 22, 2019

Senior Class President Akunnia Akubuilo pens an open letter about her experience as an African-American student at PVHS. To Whom It May Concern, As a Black student within a predominantly White school district, a large part ...

A Letter from the Editors

Jamie Doo and Phoebe Lai, Editors-in-Chief

May 2, 2019

In spite of recent progress in the acceptance and appreciation of diversity in America, there are still a number of citizens who believe that speaking English should be mandatory when living in America.  Those on the more radical side maintain that peo...

A Letter from the Editors: A Need for Higher Education Reformation

Phoebe Lai and Jamie Doo, Editors-In-Chief

April 7, 2019

In light of the recent college scandal involving wealthy parents paying large sums for their children’s admission into “elite” schools, educators, parents, and high schoolers are left with wavering opinions about the des...

A Letter from the Editors

Phoebe Lai and Jamie Doo

February 21, 2019

It’s inevitable for social norms and cultural values to constantly change with the diversifying world population, as illustrated through the growing “generation gap” between newer and older generations. As the current con...

A Letter from the Editors

Jamie Doo and Phoebe Lai, Editors-in-Chief

December 21, 2018

With the constant swarm of controversy surrounding famous musicians, actors, and authors, many question whether it’s possible to separate the artist from his or her work. No one is safe. Recently, even beloved childhood writers...

A Letter From the Editors: The Need for Health Class in High School

Phoebe Lai and Jamie Doo

December 3, 2018

While AP and honors courses are the priorities of a many students’ schedules, there is one class often left neglected and forgotten: health. Ignored, or not seen as an important subject, health class in high school is ov...

A Letter From the Editors

Phoebe Lai and Jamie Doo

October 22, 2018

The controversy surrounding Brett Kavanaugh’s Senate hearing make one thing clear: even the smallest incident can leave a mark. Whether we like it or not, our performance in high school can have a significant influence o...

Letter from the Editors: New Representation in the Media

Jamie Doo and Phoebe Lai

September 21, 2018

The movement to push for diversity in popular media has often been disregarded as impossible, or foolish at best. Now, that belief is completely outdated. With major blockbusters like “Black Panther” entering the spotlight and...

Letter from the Editors

Letter from the Editors, Editors

March 1, 2018

We are living in a time when almost every time we turn on the news, another tragedy has occurred. One form of tragedy that is on the rise is gun violence. In 2018 alone, there have already been 18 American communities sufferi...