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The Formula Behind Formula 1

Valerie Villegas, Reporter March 18, 2024

In the rising years, the motorsport Formula 1 has gained more traction leading to more of PV High’s students to become interested within the motorsport and its complexities.  Seniors Stephanie Prado...

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(Graphic by Ella Gardener)

From Leotards to Unitards

The Recent Changes in Women’s Sports Apparel
Ella Gardener, Reporter/Social Media March 18, 2024

Women’s sports are emerging more now than they have ever before.  What women wear when competing in the Olympics, and all major sports games has become a prominent issue and topic of conversation...

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Athletic Excellence

New Wave of Sea Kings Commit to Collegiate Athletic Programs
Jason Lee and Jaden Kim March 18, 2024

 Brette Andrews is a senior at PVHS and has been doing Track and Field for five years.  She quickly fell in love with the sport.  “I started doing track and field because once I realized that...

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Animals in the Arena

A Look into March Mammal Madness
Sophie Sun, Reporter March 18, 2024

For basketball fans, March Madness is the highlight of spring sports.  For Marie Kuhn’s AP Environmental Class, March Mammal Madness is the highlight of the spring semester.  For the past few...

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(Photo courtesy of Oliver Knotek)

Boys Soccer’s Stellar Season

Aaron Propst, Reporter March 18, 2024

The Palos Verdes Sea Kings Boy’s Soccer team has had an up and down season.  They started the season by losing their first three games, then followed it up by winning their next three.  Nobody...

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(Photo courtesy of Girls Water Polo)

Defeating a Decade Long Drought: Girls Water Polo Wins Bay League

Shazma Zahra, Reporter March 18, 2024

Girls Water Polo is one of PVHS’s best sports teams, and have proved it this season with their impressive run in the Division Three playoffs. One reason why PVHS Girls Water Polo has been so successful...

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(Photo Courtesy of Ava Kordich)

Girls Soccer Takes it to CIF Finals

Kate North and Jonathan Liu March 18, 2024

In a historic season, PVHS Girls Soccer made an impressive run to the Division One championship game.  Finishing the season with 19 wins, including eight wins against Bay League opponents, the team...

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Girls varsity basketball celebrates after winning against Eastside High School (Photo courtesy of Katie Golden)

Girls Varsity Basketball Wins CIF, 57 – 46

Chloe Choi and Jonathan Liu March 18, 2024

One of the biggest turnarounds in PVHS sports history came this year with the Girls Basketball team. Last season, the team was victorious three times, but this season the girls won 24 games.  “I...

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2024 Super Bowl Predictions

Ryan Fuerte, Reporter March 18, 2024

The Super Bowl is looming and the infamous question shall rise again, “Who will win the Super Bowl?”  This year is Super Bowl LVIII and it will be a rematch of Super Bowl LIV, which also came down...

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(Photo courtesy of  Ed McClure)

Coach Clark’s Impact

Enna Hosoi, Reporter March 18, 2024

On and off the court Coach Greg Clark plays an important role on campus.  He is not only a coach to his players, but a mentor to every student on campus as he serves as a campus supervisor.  His...

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(Photo courtesy of  Pat Stacey)

Rising Tide

Ava Chessmore’s Surfing Journey
Claire Auer, Reporter March 18, 2024

With surfing in season, PVHS junior Ava Chessmore continues to be a great inspiration to many. Chessmore father first got her into surfing, and started at age seven.  “I started surfing when I was...

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A New Age in the MLB

How Recent Signings have Impacted the Asian-American Community
Hailey Kim, Reporter/Social Media March 18, 2024

In a groundbreaking turn of events in December 2023, Major League Baseball’s landscape witnessed a seismic shift.  Specifically, many Asian players shattered records and ascended to unprecedented...

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