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Coach Clark’s Impact

(Photo courtesy of Ed McClure)

On and off the court Coach Greg Clark plays an important role on campus. 

He is not only a coach to his players, but a mentor to every student on campus as he serves as a campus supervisor. 

His dedication extends to better the school atmosphere and to connect with the students is beyond comparable. 

While on the court, his enthusiasm is felt from the players and the audience in the stands. 

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He is always supportive and positive about his team and his players.

 Even with the variety of curveballs that can be thrown revolving sports, he never fails to succeed. 

“I started coaching right when I graduated high school,“ Clark said.  

“I went to the University of Delaware, and it was 15 minutes away from my high school, so I would go to class in the morning and coach in the afternoon.”

 Given this is Clark’s 24th season coaching basketball, he’s realized that having a focused team every night is a more prominent characteristic than a motivated group.

“If the players aren’t motivated themselves then we aren’t going to be any good,’’ Clark said. 

“Keeping them in line, focused  and worried about the right things. That is more about keeping them focused and not motivated.”

As this season is Clark’s second as the head coach of the team, all the players have gravitated towards his leadership and his style of coaching. 

“I would describe our relationship as playful, he’s one of the guys,” senior Will Jorczack said. 

“He has taught me to not be friends with people who don’t have your best interest in mind.” 

As well as being a great leader off the court, Clark has taught his players inside the lines. 

“He makes the team better by teaching everyone the ins and outs of the game, helping everyone become better players,” senior Alex Hassanein said. 

“He also creates game plans each game to put all of the players in positions to succeed.”

Although Clark’s sample size of games coached at PV only spans for two seasons, he does have one game that has been his favorite, which is last year’s road game against Peninsula in which PV prevailed in a 56-52 win. 

“It was a huge win just because it had been 15 years since we had won at their school and Coach Brian really wanted to win that game,” Clark said.  

“That’s one of the reasons that he didn’t retire and walk away because getting the sweep and beating them. Being able to give him that moment was great, especially now that he’s passed it means a lot more.”

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