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Turning Back Time with Teachers
Kate North and Valerie Villegas March 18, 2024

Some say high school is the best four years of your life. But, in Palos Verdes Peninsula School District, many alumni have been drawn to continue...

(Photo courtesy of Ed McClaren)
Girls Basketball On Top
Kelly Bojorquez and Ella Hansen March 18, 2024

Palos Verdes High School is known for its successful sports teams and vibrant student sections. This year’s girls’ basketball season has...

(Graphic by Nathan Chavira)
The Cultural Reshaping of “Bro”
Nathan Chavira, Reporter • March 18, 2024

In recent years, the landscape of social media and internet communication has undergone a subtle yet significant transformation.  The word...

(Graphic by Sloane Houterman)
2023: A Year of Record Heat
Sloane Houterman, Reporter • March 18, 2024

The year 2023 has concluded, leaving behind a record-breaking increase in temperature. The ocean and land temperatures were about 0.27 degrees...

Pint Sized Stories: Who wants this job?
Chloe Choi, Editor-in-Chief • March 18, 2024

(Graphic by Eva Yancheson)
PVHS’ Posh Parking Lot
Eva Yancheson, Centerspread Editor • March 18, 2024

Cars are expensive. Auto insurance rates are skyrocketing as the human population increases exponentially fast; more drivers means more accidents. Anyone can get into a crash,...

(Graphic by Zara Deen)
The Downfall of Marvel:
Zara Deen, Reporter • March 18, 2024

The minute Tony Stark snapped his fingers in Avengers End Game, the Marvel industry took a turn for the worse.  One by one, our favorite characters shared their last moments...

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Taylor Swift v.s. NFL Fans
Hailey Kim, Reporter/Social Media • March 18, 2024

In 2010, Taylor Swift penned lyrics that eerily foreshadowed the unlikely intersection of her world-famous music career with the realm of American football. Fast forward 14...

(Photo by Olivia Kao)
Behind the Curtain: The Pit Perspective
Olivia Kao, Features Editor • March 18, 2024

The PVHS Drama Department is notorious for putting on high-quality, entertaining musical performances each spring. Whether it is on stage or behind the curtains, everyone...

Discover your next read: Sea King book recommendations
Sierra Hickey, Reporter/Social Media • March 18, 2024

Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens Genre: romance, murder mystery, historical fiction “The main character is very fascinating, and the book speaks a lot about...

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(Graphic by Aidan Shen)
The Problem of Food Waste: Is the Call Coming From Inside The House?
Aidan Shen, Opinion Editor • March 18, 2024

A myriad of environmental issues ranging from pollution to deforestation has long affected communities around the world. What happens globally...

(Photo by Claire Auer)
PVHS Upgrades Security Infrastructure
Claire Auer, Reporter • March 18, 2024

With the constant need to get Starbucks during school, newly licensed students have begun to endure the consequences of our upgraded security...

(Photo courtesy of Project Runway)
“All You Need is Love”
Holly Alexander, Reporter/Social Media • March 18, 2024

Project Runway’s latest show, held on February 13 and 14, was set on the theme “All You Need is Love.”  Since its start in 2007, Project...

The Formula Behind Formula 1
Valerie Villegas, Reporter • March 18, 2024

In the rising years, the motorsport Formula 1 has gained more traction leading to more of PV High’s students to become interested within the motorsport and its complexities.  Seniors...

(Graphic by Ella Gardener)
From Leotards to Unitards
Ella Gardener, Reporter/Social Media • March 18, 2024

Women’s sports are emerging more now than they have ever before.  What women wear when competing in the Olympics, and all major sports games has become a prominent issue...

Athletic Excellence
Jason Lee and Jaden Kim March 18, 2024

 Brette Andrews is a senior at PVHS and has been doing Track and Field for five years.  She quickly fell in love with the sport.  “I started doing track and field...

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Pint-Sized Stories: Senior Send-Off
Luka Ardon and Chloe Choi, Centerspread Editors • May 31, 2023

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