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Stifling Children’s Freedom
Sophie Stoddart, Reporter • April 7, 2022

All parents want their children to be successful and prosperous. Parents have the obligation to help guide their children through life, and instill...

Choreo Dancers Leap Into Spring Concert
Sierra Namvari, Photography Editor • April 7, 2022

PVHS’ annual Spring Choreo Concert was a hit to all students and audience members. The show has a different theme every year, this year being...

(Photo Courtesy of Cynthia Mindicino)
PV Drama Puts on a Magical “Matilda” Production
Amber Chen, Opinion Editor • April 7, 2022

Based on the original award-winning novel by Roald Dahl, “Matilda the Musical” is coming to life on stage at PVHS this spring. Opening on...

10th Annual Remember the Tritons Walk
Aidan Sun, Editor-in-Chief • March 7, 2022

On Feb. 18, members of the community came together during the 10th annual Remember the Tritons Walk during sixth period. The Remember the Tritons...

Survival Skills
Amber Chen, Opinion Editor • April 7, 2022

A Letter From the Editors
Alycen Kim and Aidan Sun, Editors-in-Chief • April 7, 2022

On the elementary school playground, we were told to “play fair.” Whether it was four square or dodgeball, we were all expected to follow the rules of the game, in order...

(Graphic by Eva Mayrose)
“It Was Just A Joke”
Eva Mayrose, Reporter • April 7, 2022

From seemingly harmless jokes, to forward and flagrant racist and homophobic comments, you’d be surprised how many seriously offensive topics can be excused because they...

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Women Who Inspire, Women We Admire
Ayla Torres, Reporter • April 7, 2022

“Mrs Mindicino has taught me to love English and creative writing again. She is not impatient when you ask for help and has never failed to help me when I ask for it....

Lights, Camera, Action
Quinn Kearns, Reporter • April 7, 2022

School Events Benefit Local Businesses
Natalie Wang, Reporter • April 7, 2022

Schools are a vital part of communities in numerous ways aside from education. Organizations like BTC, ASB, clubs, and sports teams frequently patronize local businesses for...

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Pint-Sized Stories
Chloe Choi and Luka Ardon, Reporters • April 7, 2022

Who is Ketanji Brown Jackson?
Chloe Choi, Reporter • April 7, 2022

Sophomore Mia Dominguez delivers her poem at the Slam Poetry event on  March 22. (Photo courtesy of Grace Trester)
Tradewinds Takes the Podium with Slam Poetry
Meeka Rahimi, Reporter • April 7, 2022

In March, the students who create the poetry magazine, Tradewinds, hosted their annual slam poetry night.   “I think the poems from this...

Math Teacher at PVHS Balances Teaching and Taekwondo
Jonathan Liu, Sports Editor • April 7, 2022

As most students know Leannee Nemeth as a great teacher, something that gets swept under the rug is that she is also top tier in the dojang.  “I’ve been doing Taekwondo...

UFC Fighters Complain Over Pay
Aaron Paik, Reporter • April 7, 2022

Through the years, the Ultimate Fighting Championship, or UFC, has established itself as the most popular organization of mixed martial arts (MMA) in the world. From fighters...

PVHS students show their abilities on the court during the March Madness tournament. (Photo by Luka Ardon)
March-ing Back to an Annual Tradition
Isabella Firmani, Reporter • April 7, 2022

Last month, March Madness, an annual tradition at PVHS, was brought back after a long break from in-person school and lunchtime activities.  March Madness is a single-elimination...

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