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Seniors Stomp at 2021 Class Comp
Lucia Ruiz, Features Editor • December 14, 2021

Students excitedly file into the gym. Posters scatter the walls and members of ASB set up the games. After over a year without a class competition...

Extroverts, Please Leave Me Alone
Eva Mayrose, Reporter • November 10, 2021

“Wait, are you new? I’ve never seen you before.”  “I didn’t know you could talk!”  “What do you mean you’ve never been...

New Interim Principal to Begin After Thanksgiving
Aidan Sun, Editor-In-Chief • November 10, 2021

After serving PVHS as interim principal throughout the fall months, Carter Paysinger is returning to retirement. He is to be replaced by a familiar...

Sea Kings Rush to Sign Up for Clubs this Week
Sierra Namvari, Photography Editor • October 21, 2021

Graphic by Chloe Choi
The Importance of Casting LGBTQ+ Actors as LGBTQ+ Characters
Eva Mayrose, Reporter • December 17, 2021

The majority of us find inspiration in the media through shows, movies and social networks. So what happens when what is portrayed on TV isn’t as harmless as it seems?  Although...

The Education System is Outdated
Sophie Stoddart, Reporter • December 17, 2021

If students had more control over their methods of learning and teachers had more control over the material they teach, both parties would be more inspired and motivated to...

Graphic by Alycen Kim
Stop Romanticizing Criminals
Alycen Kim, Editor-in-Chief • December 17, 2021

Harry Styles, Cole Sprouse, and Ted Bundy.  What do all of these men have in common? They are all adored and worshipped by teenage girls all over the world.  Yes, you read...

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Top Albums of 2021
Luka Ardon, Reporter • December 17, 2021

This year was packed with new music from many different genres and artists. But I will be looking at what I believe were the most talked about albums of 2021 and ranking them.  The...

Graphic by Aidan Sun
How Students Invest at PVHS
Aaron Paik, Reporter • December 17, 2021

With the rise of cryptocurrency and NFTs (non-fungible tokens), according to many Sea Kings, now is the perfect time for teenagers to start investing.  “I started investing...

Photo by Chloe Choi
Jazz Band and Orchestra Swing Back in Winter Concert
Chloe Choi, Reporter • December 17, 2021

This winter, jazz and orchestra both have concerts. The jazz concert was on Dec. 5 and the orchestra concert is on Dec. 12.  Now that we are back to school in person,...

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Campus Supervisor Olivia Carrasquillo patrols the parking lot. (Photo by Andrew Carpenter)
Parking Causes a “Lot” of Problems
Andrew Carpenter, Design Editor • December 14, 2021

Upperclassmen are faced with many stresses of life: college apps, school and, most surprisingly, parking? From new drivers packing the lot...

Snowboarders descend Mammoth Mountain. (Photo
courtesy of Mafi Corral)
Mammoth Mountain Re-Opens Slopes
Isabella Firmani, Reporter • December 14, 2021

Toward the end of summer, Mammoth Mountain set a tentative opening date for Nov. 13. Though this time of mid-November is typical for when skiers...

(Graphic by Aidan Sun)
Celebrating Human Rights at PVHS
Naomi Gan, Reporter • December 14, 2021

Dec. 10 marks the United Nations International Human Rights Day. Human Rights Day commemorates the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human...

PVHS Fall Sports Review
Quinn Kearns, Reporter • December 17, 2021


Senior JJ Udeani played a strong defensive game at PV’s home opener against Long Beach Wilson on November 30. The Sea Kings won 1-0. 
(Photo Courtesy of Cynthia Mindicino)
Athletes Gear Up for Winter Sports
December 17, 2021

Boys Basketball “I like the chemistry and energy surrounding the team this year. I like how we were able to play preseason games this year and play in tournaments. We...

Should Thursday Night Football be Eliminated?
Luka Ardon, Reporter • December 17, 2021

Can Thursday Night Football be canceled? Thursday Night Football first started in the 2008 season.  On paper it seems like an amazing thing for fans, another day of football.  “It’s...

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