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Introducing the New 2023-2024 ASB Executive Board
Hailey Kim, Reporter • April 18, 2023

Palos Verdes High School is excited to introduce its new ASB Executive Board for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year. The new board members, who...

Walther Won’t Falter
Lucia Ruiz, Editor-in-Chief • April 14, 2023

“You’re the man, Grant!” campus security guard Coach exclaimed, zooming past our interview in the golf cart. Senior Grant Walther is...

Spring Musical “Something Rotten!” Will Crack You Up
Amber Chen, Editor-in-Chief • April 14, 2023

Bright lights, stage fights and a dazzling chorus — what’s not to love?  On April 14, the satirical musical “Something Rotten!”...

Boys Soccer Dribbles Through Another Successful Season
Chris Vasey, Reporter • February 8, 2023

Starting off the season 0-3, the Boys Varsity Soccer team triumphed through many struggles and have successfully turned their season around....

Pint-Sized Stories: Earth Week
Chloe Choi and Luka Ardon, Centerspread Editors • April 18, 2023

Entry to the girls locker room. (Photo by Eva Yancheson)
PVHS Needs Some Updates: Looking Into The District’s Lack Of Funding
Eva Yancheson, Reporter • April 14, 2023

The “Main Event”, a local auction with parents and other PV residents, is the biggest source of outside revenue for the Palos Verdes Peninsula School District.  Admission...

(Graphic by Quinn Kearns)
The iPad Kid Epidemic
Quinn Kearns, Social Media Editor • April 14, 2023

Have you ever seen a child at a dinner playing games on their mom’s phone?  If you have, you’ve witnessed a future iPad kid in their natural habitat.  When their...

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(Photo courtesy of Karen Kostrencich)
Students Participate In Tradewinds Slam Poetry Night
Sierra Namvari, Photo Editor • April 14, 2023

The Tradewinds Literary Magazine 2023 Slam Poetry Night took place on April 7.  There was a large turnout of parents and students who came to support the poets of the...

(Graphic by Eva Mayrose)
The Rise of Hit HBO Series “The Last of Us”
Eva Mayrose, Opinion Editor • April 14, 2023

So, you’re on your daily afternoon TikTok scroll and it seems as though you’ve been thrown down the rabbit hole after liking one video about the hit HBO series “The...

(Photo by Ollivia Kao)
From Physics to Sax, Max Colomer Does it All
Chloe Choi, Centerspread Editor • April 14, 2023

Whether it’s leading the FRC team to victory, playing music with his friends, or studying advanced physics, senior Max Colomer does it all.  Colomer is the lead electrical...

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(Graphic by Zara Deen)
Obesity Rates in U.S. Reach Dangerous Heights
Zara Deen, Reporter • April 14, 2023

Teen obesity rates have been increasing rapidly over the last 50 years, with 17% of the 42 million teens in the U.S. classified as obese, or...

BTC’s Diversity Week Brings Appreciation and Celebration to Campus
April 14, 2023

(Photo courtesy of Getty Images)
Biden Administration Approves Willow Project
Sophie Sun, Reporter • April 14, 2023

Crude oil company ConocoPhillips’ Willow Project, a massive oil drilling project in Alaska, was recently approved by the Biden administration...

The MLB returns with New Rules and a Surprise Contender
James Lew, Reporter • April 18, 2023

The MLB regular season is underway.Many fans around the country are excited about the MLB season to begin and to watch their favorite teams compete for the World Series.  The...

(Photo courtesy of Taj Whitehead)
The Terrific Taj Whitehead
Jonathan Liu, Sports Editor • April 18, 2023

As many different high schoolers spend their four years trying to figure out their interests and passions, there are some who have been set on their goals for years.  One...

Mackiewicz to the Finish Line
Chris Vasey, Reporter • April 14, 2023

Junior Mikey Mackiewicz is a cross country and track star.  He started cross country in middle school as a way to condition for soccer, baseball, and basketball.  “Initially,...

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