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PVHS Honors Music Department Plays for a Crowd

(Photo by Sophie Sun)

Known for its extensive music department, Palos Verdes High School hosts an annual Honors Recital to spotlight students beyond music classes. 

Students select pieces from their own solo and ensemble repertoire, practicing extensively for the months leading up to the performance.

“It takes most of the year for students to think about what they would like to do as a solo or an ensemble with their friends, what kind of instruments they’d like to work with and who they’d like to work with. They’re able to pick something they love, that they’re passionate about,” said Shellie Parkinson, PV High’s Music Department Head. 

The Honors Recital offers students the opportunity to experiment with different genres like percussion and jazz. This year showcased jazz, violin, a clarinet quintet and a percussion ensemble among many other performances. 

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As the main organizer of the Honors Recital, Parkinson aims to bring musicians from all types of backgrounds together. 

“It’s nice […] because some of them have performed at really high levels. For example, Timothy Yang has performed across the country. Maybe for him it’s fun to perform in a more relaxed environment but still in a professional setting with his friends,” she said. 

Students challenge themselves with difficult pieces and get to try out new styles and techniques in front of a formal audience.

For students seeking more experience, the Honors Recital is a chance to perform professionally. Parkinson gives students time built into the day to practice, connecting them to a community of friends they can collaborate with.

To performing musicians, Parkinson says this: “My hope always is that they come out a little more confident than when they go into it. […] Everyone gains a little more confidence from doing it. I hope they have fun performing it, I hope it’s not so stressful. I hope they get to a point where they are so polished they can just enjoy and make some music for everyone.”

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