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The Marvelous Ms. Mog

The Marvelous Ms. Mog

Sophie Sun, Reporter December 16, 2022

Angela Mogilefsky, English teacher and BSU advisor nicknamed “Ms. Mog”, was born in Evanston, Illinois, but Mogilefsky’s father received a job offer in Washington when she was one year old. So, the...

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(Graphic by Luka Ardón)

Who will Win the World Cup? Argentina vs. France

Luka Ardon, Centerspread Editor December 16, 2022

The World Cup needs no introduction. The biggest sporting event. The best soccer players playing at the world’s largest stage filled with the passion of playing for their nation. The 2022 World Cup has...

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Star Athletes: Some of PVHS’ Best Athletes’ Future Destinations

Kelly Donahue, Features Editor December 16, 2022

Senior Tatum Lane committed to playing division one volleyball at the University of San Diego this past June. Lane knew she wanted to play volleyball in college after watching her sister play at UCLA...

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(Graphic by Olivia Kao)

Just Stop Oil: Controversial Climate Protests Are Unproductive

Olivia Kao, Reporter December 16, 2022

From making decorative posters with meaningful sayings, such as “There is No Planet B!," marching through streets, boycotting certain environmentally harmful products, or even going vegan are all common...

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From Sweden to the States

Exchange student speaks on her experience at PVHS
Sophie Stoddart, Reporter December 15, 2022

Elsa Sjo is an exchange student from Sweden and is currently a junior here at PVHS.  She grew up in Norrkoping, Sweden and will be staying at PVHS for one year, continuing to pursue her interests. “I...

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Private school students see the programs PV High has to offer. (Photo courtesy of Cynthia Mindicino)

PVHS Hosts Private School Shadow Day

Lucia Ruiz, Editor-in-Chief December 15, 2022

On Dec. 7, students from local private schools enjoyed the annual Private School Shadow Day, during which ASB provided students a glimpse into the campus culture through tours, classroom sit-ins, and activities...

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From A.R.M.Y to Army

BTS to enlist in military
Amber Chen, Editor-in-Chief December 15, 2022

BTS, the biggest boy band in the world, has finally announced its enlistment in the South Korean military. Four years into their career, in 2017, the seven band members rose to the top of the K-Pop...

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Josh Munoz (left) performs in “One Man, Two Guvnors” alongside senior Neela David. (Photo courtesy of Josh Munoz)

From Touchdowns to Theater

Josh Munoz’s journey to acting
Eva Mayrose, Opinion Editor December 15, 2022

Having been a football star for the majority of his high school career, theater would seem to be the last place that senior Josh Munoz would fit in.  Though Munoz definitely made good memories with...

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Mrs. Salgado Does it All: Teaching, Training, Parenting

Kelly Donahue, Features Editor November 10, 2022

Only her second year on campus as a teacher, Marissa Salgado does it all. Many students are familiar with her, whether they have had her as an anatomy or biology teacher, or have seen her in the...

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(Graphic by Quinn Kearns)

Deep Dive Into Taylor Swift’s “Midnights”

Quinn Kearns, Social Media Editor November 10, 2022

Taylor Swift is arguably one of the most influential women of the decade. Not only does she write her own music, but she tells a story through it as well. “Midnights” is an album that tells a story...

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(Graphic by Sophie Sun)

Faceless Celebrities

The internet’s unattainable beauty standards
Sophie Sun, Reporter November 10, 2022

“Why does he look like a bunch of Shrek villains combined into one person?”  An angsty teenager is hunched over their phone, viciously typing out yet another Tweet to contribute to the vast array...

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Do You Think Students Should Have A Say in Their Required Reading?
(Graphic by Amber Chen)

Students Share Their Thoughts On Required Reading Books

Luka Ardon, Centerspread Editor November 10, 2022

English class is something all students have in common.  From “To Kill a Mockingbird” to “Catch 22,” there are many books that students are required to read.  Core novels connect all PVHS...

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