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(Photo by Sophie Sun)

PVHS Honors Music Department Plays for a Crowd

Ryan Fuerte and Kelly Bojorquez March 18, 2024

Known for its extensive music department, Palos Verdes High School hosts an annual Honors Recital to spotlight students beyond music classes.  Students select pieces from their own solo and ensemble...

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(Photo courtesy of Girls Water Polo)

Defeating a Decade Long Drought: Girls Water Polo Wins Bay League

Shazma Zahra, Reporter March 18, 2024

Girls Water Polo is one of PVHS’s best sports teams, and have proved it this season with their impressive run in the Division Three playoffs. One reason why PVHS Girls Water Polo has been so successful...

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(Photo Courtesy of Ava Kordich)

Girls Soccer Takes it to CIF Finals

Kate North and Jonathan Liu March 18, 2024

In a historic season, PVHS Girls Soccer made an impressive run to the Division One championship game.  Finishing the season with 19 wins, including eight wins against Bay League opponents, the team...

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Girls varsity basketball celebrates after winning against Eastside High School (Photo courtesy of Katie Golden)

Girls Varsity Basketball Wins CIF, 57 – 46

Chloe Choi and Jonathan Liu March 18, 2024

One of the biggest turnarounds in PVHS sports history came this year with the Girls Basketball team. Last season, the team was victorious three times, but this season the girls won 24 games.  “I...

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Turning Back Time with Teachers

Kate North and Valerie Villegas March 18, 2024

Some say high school is the best four years of your life. But, in Palos Verdes Peninsula School District, many alumni have been drawn to continue long past those four years coming back as teachers and...

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(Photo courtesy of  Ed McClure)

Coach Clark’s Impact

Enna Hosoi, Reporter March 18, 2024

On and off the court Coach Greg Clark plays an important role on campus.  He is not only a coach to his players, but a mentor to every student on campus as he serves as a campus supervisor.  His...

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(Photo courtesy of Ed McClaren)

Girls Basketball On Top

Kelly Bojorquez and Ella Hansen March 18, 2024

Palos Verdes High School is known for its successful sports teams and vibrant student sections. This year’s girls’ basketball season has been thriving as they have improved greatly from previous years...

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(Graphic by Nathan Chavira)

The Cultural Reshaping of “Bro”

Nathan Chavira, Reporter March 18, 2024

In recent years, the landscape of social media and internet communication has undergone a subtle yet significant transformation.  The word “bro,” traditionally a colloquial substitute for a person’s...

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(Graphic by Sloane Houterman)

2023: A Year of Record Heat

What corporations are doing to fight rising temperatures
Sloane Houterman, Reporter March 18, 2024

The year 2023 has concluded, leaving behind a record-breaking increase in temperature. The ocean and land temperatures were about 0.27 degrees Fahrenheit above the previous record set in 2016, and several...

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An Enchanted Night to Remember

PVHS students attend Winter Formal at Skirball Center on January 27
Makayla McNeill, Reporter March 18, 2024

Winter Formal is an annual dance where PVHS ASB collaborates to host a night to remember.  This year, the theme of the dance was “Enchanted” and was hosted at the Skirball Cultural Center.  “Venues...

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Sea King Athletes Make it Far in CIF Playoffs

Musa Deen, Jaden Kim, and Aaron Propst March 18, 2024

Girls Volleyball Nobody knew where Palos Verdes Girls Volleyball stood going into the season.  Kaci Demaria, last year’s star player, was not playing with the team, as she was on the USA National...

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(Graphic by Sloane Houterman)

Meta’s Instagram and Facebook Face Lawsuit from 33 States

Sloane Houterman, Reporter December 12, 2023

On Oct. 24, 2023, 33 states, including California, filed a lawsuit against Meta, which owns Instagram and Facebook, alleging a series of violations of law in their treatment of the youth.  California...

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