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Girls Varsity Basketball Wins CIF, 57 – 46

Girls varsity basketball celebrates after winning against Eastside High School (Photo courtesy of Katie Golden)

One of the biggest turnarounds in PVHS sports history came this year with the Girls Basketball team. Last season, the team was victorious three times, but this season the girls won 24 games. 

“I was very determined and stuck on the thought of getting the team better than they did last year,” freshman Quinn Tamashiro said. 

“I remember I was worried how [the team was] 3-20, but I thought it will be ok no matter what if we work hard we will get better this season.”

The reason for this turnaround was an intense level of focus to detail. More focused and intense practices instantly improved team attitude and commitment. 

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“Everyone works harder, puts more effort in, they’re more focused at practice,” she said. 

 “Especially as we started winning more and started getting into CIF I noticed an improvement in the skill level [of our team] and everyone was more encouraging towards each other. It created a better community and created a goal for the team.”

As the regular season ended, the girls qualified for the Division Four playoffs. As the girls dominated their way through the playoffs, they faced a tough challenge against Eastside in the championship game on Feb. 24. 

“In the moment I was really excited because we started to lose our lead and then we ended up regaining our lead and coming back,” junior Maddie Gregory said. 

The girls won with a convincing score of 57-46, and went on to win their first game in state regional championship on Monday, 61-58. 

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