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New Wave of Sea Kings Commit to Collegiate Athletic Programs

 Brette Andrews is a senior at PVHS and has been doing Track and Field for five years. 

She quickly fell in love with the sport. 

“I started doing track and field because once I realized that I was good at running I just decided to try out for it,” Andrews said. 

“I decided to try out because I thought that it may be a good experience.”

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Andrews is looking forward to continuing her running career at Pitzer College. 

“I’m excited to do well and bond with teammates when I get into Pitzer. I think it’ll be a great time there,” Andrews said. 

Andrews has high hopes for her college experience. 

Andrews decided to commit to Pitzer because she believes it is an all around great school and a perfect fit for her athletically and academically. Andrews is very excited for what the future at Pitzer College will bring.


Peter Chang is a senior at PVHS, and has been playing soccer since he was in elementary school. 

“I’ve been playing soccer for a long time and what interested me was just watching people on TV playing,” Chang said. 

“I’ve kept playing soccer because it’s fun, and I like to play competitively.” 

Chang enjoys remembering past victories at PV High. 

“My favorite team I played against in PV was probably Pen High.” 

The game against Peninsula High School  was his favorite because it was against the ‘rival’ school, and it was a great match between both teams. 

Chang wants to play professionally and has always loved playing soccer. He finds motivation from watching professional players on TV and his competitive spirit. 

Chang commited to Columbia University because he believes their academics and soccer team are the right fit for him.

 “Columbia has been my dream school ever since I can remember,” Chang said. 

“Both my parents went there and my sister is a current senior at Columbia. I also am very excited to be able to play Division One soccer in such a great program with an incredible new coach.”



In a world with endless choices and opportunities, one decision changed senior Sedona Ding’s life. 

“I ran through all of the sports offered to kids when I was young and none of them really stuck,” senior Sedona Ding said. 

“When I was 8, my dad signed me up for softball without my knowledge. Though initially frustrated, I gave it a shot, and here I am, nine spring seasons later, still playing.”

Alongside her dedication to the sport, Ding has committed to the University of Chicago to further her career; it’s a place that fits all her needs.

“I’ve been in contact with the University of Chicago coaching staff since my sophomore year,” Ding said. 

“I’m interested in their high academic value and rigor of the school, but the aesthetic of campus and city with the engaged students pulled me in more.” 

Looking to the future, Ding is excited to start her career. 

“When I visited, all the players were really communicative and welcoming,” Ding said. 

“I was really looking forward to getting to play a sport I love with a tight-knit group of girls.”



Senior Luke Gayton, the most successful receiver in Palos Verdes High School history with the most receiving yards, has recently committed to the University of Washington, but that did not come without its fair share of work. 

“My dad got me into football and started coaching me,” Gayton said. 

“It has influenced my life a lot, I spent most of my time practicing or training.” 

With his dedication to football, Gayton remembers the challenges he had to overcome. 

“Injuries were the hardest part, having to watch from the sideline as other people you play with everyday play without you sucks.”

After helping his team reach an undefeated season, Gayton now sets his eyes on playing at the collegiate level. 

“I’m also doing it to prove to myself that I can go out and play at the highest level,” Gayton said.

“I have to thank all my little league coaches and my parents.But most importantly my high school coaches and teammates who have really pushed me to understand that nothing will be easy and have motivated me to go after my dreams.”

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