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From Leotards to Unitards

The Recent Changes in Women’s Sports Apparel
(Graphic by Ella Gardener)
(Graphic by Ella Gardener)

Women’s sports are emerging more now than they have ever before.

 What women wear when competing in the Olympics, and all major sports games has become a prominent issue and topic of conversation amongst all women’s sports.

 Everything from tiny bikini bottoms for beach volleyball players to gymnastics apparel has affected the modesty and opinions of women in sports across the athletic world. 

Gymnastics is a prominent Olympic and professional sport that requires females to wear bikini-cut leotards. 

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After Larry Nassar, a former USA National Team doctor was sent to prison for inappropriate conduct with many gymnasts, athletes began to push back against the sexualization of and disrespect towards women in gymnastics.

 Now, teams are beginning to wear full bodysuits, or unitards, instead of the traditional leotard, which exposes the legs and much of the hip. 

“I love to see the diversity in uniforms switching up in gymnastics,” freshman sully Resich said. 

“I think I’ve just gotten so used to the traditional leotard women have been wearing for years. I would get so hot and uncomfortable wearing a longer leotard. However, I support the women switching it up and wearing whatever they feel comfortable in.”

Beach Volleyball players have a similar issue with their smaller bathing suit bottoms. 2012 was the first year that female beach volleyball players were not required to wear bikini bottoms. 

Although most still choose to wear them, it has become an issue with photographers and what they’re capturing on their cameras. 

It’s important to recognize that besides the public’s eye, the women wearing these uniforms are affected mentally while they perform in their sport.

 What they wear can affect their mindset and move their focus from the competition to their outfits.

Whether they want to wear a leotard or a unitard on the balance beam, or a smaller bathing suit bottom or longer shorts on the beach volleyball court is a player’s decision. 

Regardless, women should be able to feel comfortable in what they wear and not have to worry about how exposed they are.

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