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(Photo courtesy of Ed McClaren)

Girls Basketball On Top

Kelly Bojorquez and Ella Hansen March 18, 2024

Palos Verdes High School is known for its successful sports teams and vibrant student sections. This year’s girls’ basketball season has been thriving as they have improved greatly from previous years...

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(Photo courtesy of Jillian Arriola)

Girls Soccer Coming In Strong

Dominating Bay League with a 14-3-1 Record
Ethan Sung, Reporter March 18, 2024

Palos Verdes High School’s girls soccer team has started the season swinging, going 7-2 in their league matches and achieving an overall record of 14-3-1.  With impressive victories over Redondo,...

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Robotic umpires in the MLB could lead to more accurate games

James Lew, Reporter March 18, 2024

One of the most important parts of baseball for years has been the umpires.  Umpires in baseball determine whether pitches are balls or strikes and have been a staple of the game for decades. While...

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(Graphic by Makayla McNeil)

Are NBA Jerseys Going South?

Makayla McNeill, Reporter March 18, 2024

There has been a rising debate on how the new “city edition” NBA jerseys look for this year. Lately, based on a timeline of NBA jerseys, they have been getting worse. The jerseys represent the teams...

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(Photo courtesy of Ashcrofts)

Carving Up the Ice: Get To Know This Talented Duo

Ella Hansen, Reporter March 18, 2024

Sophomore Megan Ashcroft and Junior Adam Ashcroft both share a passion for  ice skating. The siblings started skating together eight years ago, started competing together three years ago, and are currently...

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(Photo by Valerie Villegas)

Introducing Mrs. Addams

The Story of PV High’s Newest Dance Teacher
Valerie Villegas, Reporter March 18, 2024

Layla Adams joined PV High this year as the new Choreo and Intermediate Dance coach, as well as teaching PE Dance, Yoga and general PE. Her passion for dance started at the young age of two when she...

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Diving Into Defense

The Crucial Role of Goalies
Eva Yancheson, Centerspread Editor March 18, 2024

Oftentimes, when hearing the stats for a game being read off in the morning announcements, offensive players receive the highest commendations. Defensive players are regularly overlooked, especially...

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Sea King Athletes Make it Far in CIF Playoffs

Musa Deen, Jaden Kim, and Aaron Propst March 18, 2024

Girls Volleyball Nobody knew where Palos Verdes Girls Volleyball stood going into the season.  Kaci Demaria, last year’s star player, was not playing with the team, as she was on the USA National...

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MLB Playoffs Have Returned

Musa Deen, Reporter November 1, 2023

As October is almost over, MLB fans have been entertained by three weeks of the MLB playoffs. For a lot of PVHS students, it is one of the main highlights of their year.  “It means a lot to me because...

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Prime Time in Colorado

Coach Deion Sander’s Impact on College Football
Chris Vasey, Reporter November 1, 2023

Deion Sanders, also known as Coach Prime, is changing the scene of college football.  In 2020, he accepted a head coaching job at Jackson State University, a small HBCU (Historically Black College...

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A Peek Into Girl’s Golf

Jaden Kim, Reporter November 1, 2023

As another school year begins, the PV Girls Golf team is starting their season. Girls’ golf coach Ray Rivera, started coaching Golf in 2004 and has been coaching for 19 years. At first he coached...

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(Photo courtesy of Ryan Rakowski)

Sea King Freshman Phenomenon

James Lew, Reporter November 1, 2023

Star freshman quarterback Ryan Rakowski, who currently holds offers from Ole Miss and SMU, has transformed the PVHS Football team in the short time that he has been at the school. Although Rakowski is...

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