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ASB Director Jama Maxfield and her children celebrate Kansas’s National Championship.(Photo courtesy of Jama Maxfield)

Kansas Jayhawks Win it All in March Madness 2022

Jonathan Liu, Sports Editor April 7, 2022

As the month of March arrived, the yearly college basketball tradition did as well.  The NCAA March Madness tournament, one of the most anticipated times of year, finally arrived.  With the one...

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UFC Fighters Complain Over Pay

Aaron Paik, Reporter April 7, 2022

Through the years, the Ultimate Fighting Championship, or UFC, has established itself as the most popular organization of mixed martial arts (MMA) in the world. From fighters spanning from over 70 countries,...

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PVHS students show their abilities on the court during the March Madness tournament. (Photo by Luka Ardon)

March-ing Back to an Annual Tradition

Isabella Firmani, Reporter April 7, 2022

Last month, March Madness, an annual tradition at PVHS, was brought back after a long break from in-person school and lunchtime activities.  March Madness is a single-elimination style basketball tournament...

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(Photo courtesy of Justin Mabry)

PVHS Football Player Commits to Washington University

Reddin Kehrli, Social Media Editor April 7, 2022

While the game of football might just be entertainment to watch from the stands of Red Tide, it has a deeper meaning to #2 on the field, senior Justin Mabry.  “Football has always been so special...

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Freshman Cole Foster and sophomore Alex Naehu at track practice. (Photo by Chloe Choi)

PVHS Sophomore Picks up the Pace on the Track

Chloe Choi, Reporter March 7, 2022

Sophomore Alex Naehu, who has been running cross country since sixth grade has learned valuable lessons while collecting various achievements.  Naehu began running at PVIS because his older sister,...

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The Retirement of Tom Brady

Aaron Paik, Reporter March 7, 2022

With the retirement of Tom Brady, sports fans were both devastated and happy.  With rumors spreading after his loss against the Los Angeles Rams, he made it official at the beginning of February.  With...

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PV Soccer Players Dribble Their Way to the Next Level

Isabella Firmani, Reporter March 7, 2022

This year, the PVHS soccer program has more than just its great season from both the boys’ and girls’ teams to be proud of.  In recent months, three players, two varsity girls and one varsity boy,...

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(Photo courtesy of Jackie Lane)

PVHS Junior Leaps Into Greatness

Alycen Kim, Editor-in-Chief March 7, 2022

In October of last year, junior Jackie Lane was handed the opportunity of a lifetime: to compete in one of ballet’s most distinguished international competitions. Lane was one of 73 ballerinas chosen...

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As COVID cases went up and down, policies regarding masks have changed. (Photo by Lucia Ruiz)

How PVHS Winter Sports Have Been Affected By COVID-19

Naomi Gan, Reporter February 10, 2022

Cancellations, rule changes and spectator limitations: the recent COVID-19 surge has certainly made its presence felt in professional and college athletics. And now, high school athletes are also experiencing...

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PVHS Golfer Commits to the University of Southern California

Alycen Kim, Editor-in-Chief February 10, 2022

Whether it’s on the golf course or in the classroom, junior Frances Kim excels, juggling her rigorous classes and school work all while maintaining her status of the 12th nationally ranked golf player...

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(Photo courtesy of Max Correa)

Rock On!

Sophomore Max Correa Climbs to New Heights
Meeka Rahimi, Reporter February 10, 2022

How did you get into rock climbing? What made you start?  I got into rock climbing from my friend Caden Resich.   What is the most difficult thing about rock climbing?  I think the most...

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How the New COVID-19 Variant Swept Through the NBA

Jonathan Liu, Sports Editor February 10, 2022

As the 2021 pro season began for the NBA in the fall, COVID-19 seemed to be contained as there were no complications with players testing positive, harming their teams, and games being postponed.  However,...

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