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Girls Basketball On Top

(Photo courtesy of Ed McClaren)

Palos Verdes High School is known for its successful sports teams and vibrant student sections. This year’s girls’ basketball season has been thriving as they have improved greatly from previous years winning 17 games this season as of January 30. 

Junior Flavia Corral has been on varsity since her freshman year and continues to train throughout the school year and summers.

“My freshman year we had coaches coming in and out and it was challenging because the team dynamic is very important and when you’re switching coaches around and people are coming in and out of the team it’s hard to build the dynamic,” Corral said. 

Another star player on the girls varsity basketball team is sophomore Maddie Farnsworth. 

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Along with Corral, Farnsworth has also been playing basketball since freshman year.

 “I have grown up playing basketball with my brothers and they helped inspire me to continue practicing,” said Farnsworth. 

A strong team dynamic can make or break your team and having major changes to the team can affect how well the girls play together. 

However, the challenges that the team face bring them together and form close friendships. 

“My favorite moments are definitely bus rides and just being in the locker room with my teammates before the games,” Corral said.

Since they started playing on the team, the girls have grown and learned many new skills that have helped them advance greatly in their sport. 

“Both of the girls have improved tremendously since they joined the team,” head coach Dan Rho said. 

“Bay league girls basketball is one of the most competitive leagues in Southern California so they have definitely improved since the beginning.”

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