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A Peek Into Girl’s Golf

As another school year begins, the PV Girls Golf team is starting their season.

Girls’ golf coach Ray Rivera, started coaching Golf in 2004 and has been coaching for 19 years. At first he coached two years of JV and now he coaches many successful varsity players. 

“We got ranked 11th last year out of 565 schools, and some of my players went to USC, Cal Poly and more,” Rivera said. 

Coach Rivera has  helped many players, and aims to help more players reach their true potential. 

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“You guys should watch out for Raquel [Axtell] and Lauren [Kim],” Rivera said. “They’re some really talented, motivated and hardworking players.” 

As of this year, he has high hopes for the team and notes that the team is learning from their experiences. 

“So far we’ve experienced one loss and even though it was disappointing it was really a breath of fresh air and got us excited to try even harder next game,” Rivera said. 

Varsity senior Connie Lim has had a great golf experience, as she has learned how to come back from losses and make new connections. 

As of this year, Lim says that no matter the outcome of previous matches, she is confident the team will overcome obstacles.

“You know, even though we suffered a loss we’ll probably pull through and have a good season like last time,” Lim said. 

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