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Gender Unit Welcomes Controversy

Alexa Stevens, Online Editor April 7, 2019

Humanities classes are more than mere facts and core curriculum. Unlike math and science courses, there is often neither a right nor wrong answer -- all is subject to interpretation. As such, English...

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Out of Sight, But Not Out of Mind

Claire Hardesty, Writer April 7, 2019

Palos Verdes is a beautiful place at first look, but after walking trails and going off the beaten path, some incredible places exist, waiting to be found. These token places exist all over the hill but...

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Meet Palos Verdes’ Next Top Models

Lauren Jai, Features Editor February 22, 2019

Ella Polischeck (12) When Ella Polischeck was a baby, her mom had submitted photos of her to a modeling agency who decided to represent her. At the age of three, Polischeck began auditioning...

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Students Shine with Style

Isabella Firmani, Writer February 22, 2019

PVHS sophomores Chloe Dowling and Ife Ibraheem took their passions and used them to create their own online magazine called Project Unique. Their main focus is to shine a light on one way people...

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Dealing with College Rejections

Rachel Paik, Centerspread Editor February 21, 2019

College rejection instills a different sort of anxiety in teenagers: a sadness because we don’t know how our future will turn out. School may teach you that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the...

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Let’s Hear it For the Orchestra

Natasha Stein, Writer February 21, 2019

While Palos Verdes High School’s talented actors are performing on stage, a whole other group of talented performers  works hard to make the show magical.   For this year’s spring musical,...

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Throwback to Palos Verdes, Circa 1900s

Claire Hardesty, Writer February 21, 2019

Early 1900’s: the Palos Verdes Peninsula is residence to 100 families, the roads end on Grand Via Alta Mira, and one family delivers groceries to all of the residents on the hill. Nestled into...

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How Does Gift Giving Change Over the Years?

Isabella Firmani, Writer December 21, 2018

With the holidays coming up, kids, husbands, wives, and parents are all going to have to make the big decision of what to get the rest of their family and friends. And although Christmas is a time...

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The Key to Balancing School and Sports

McKinley Pieper, Photo Editor December 21, 2018

What is the secret to balancing sports and a rigorous academic schedule? PVHS students Carter Harrigan, Fritz Mulkey, and Rachel Post all have one thing in common. Every night, they write down tomorrow’s...

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Music Made by Miyashita

Gracie Hsieh, Writer December 21, 2018

 “The guitar is like a pair of wings for me. I know it sounds corny but when I’m playing, I feel like I’m in a world all by myself where I can fly,” said junior Joe Miyashita.  “I have the...

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Students Enjoy the Extended Thanksgiving Break

Emma Conkling, Writer December 21, 2018

Last Thanksgiving, PV students started off the break with Wednesday (a minimum day) and then Thursday, Friday, plus the weekend off.  This Thanksgiving, students got to enjoy a longer vacation by having...

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Year of the Pig: 2019 Predictions

Lauren Jai, Features Editor December 21, 2018

2019 is the Year of the Pig. While it is highly unlikely for any of us current students to have the zodiac sign of a “pig” due to our ages, we all have something in common: a wish for a great and...

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