Night of Poetry at PVHS

Michael Lui, Writer

December 12, 2016

     Palos Verdes High School is home to many talented and special students of all genders and backgrounds. However, these students often don’t have a platform or a place where they can display their talents to the whole scho...

Ways to earn money outside of school

Maddy Bohannon, Writer

December 1, 2016

     Need a simple way to earn some extra cash? Lots of high school students want a way to earn a little dough without committing to a proper job. These simple jobs can help teens decide on a future career path because it l...

Tradewinds Slam Poetry Night

Jamie Doo, Writer

November 15, 2016

     The Tradewinds is holding a Slam Poetry Night on Tuesday, November 29th in the OAR, from 6:30 - 8:00 pm. All students wishing to perform their piece must inform Ms. Pavelka in Room 415. This event is a fantastic chance fo...

Veteran’s Day

Maddy Bohannon, Writer

November 15, 2016

     Veterans Day is much more than just a day off of school. This special day is recognized annually on November 11th, in order to honor the courageous military soldiers that have served or are currently  serving our cou...

Thanksgiving traditions

Maddy Bohannon, Writer

November 15, 2016

     Thanksgiving is a very important holiday to celebrate. Family and friends gather and give thanks for the best parts of their lives. There are so many traditions that are done annually, bringing families closer together every ...

Career Club

Maddy Bohannon, Writer

November 14, 2016

     Our school is known to stand out for its amazing academics, incredible sports, and fun atmosphere. Part of the fun atmosphere includes the wonderful clubs that are offered, and one in particular that stands out is the career c...


November 11, 2016

As the new school year starts, many juniors and seniors are having to take standardized tests in order to apply for colleges. Students have two choices: the Scholastic Aptitude Test otherwise known as the SAT, or the American Col...

Sea Kings vs Panthers

Sea Kings vs Panthers

November 9, 2016

Kate Middleton

Amanda H., Writer

November 1, 2016

     Ah, royalty. If you were anything like me as a child, then at some point or another you probably wanted to be a princess. Catherine, or “Kate” Middleton, although technically classified as a duchess, is the real life ...

Katherine B., Writer

November 1, 2016

      It's fairly common knowledge that October 31st is one of the strangest days of the year, with its costumes and devilish tricks, it is extremely unlikely that you won't see a kid on a sugar rush. But what has inspired thi...

Club Rush Recap

Maddy B., Writer

October 31, 2016

     Palos Verdes High school has had a great start to a new school year. Recently, they held an annual event known as Club Rush. This event is known to be held in Sea King park where Club presidents come out with posters and decor...

Nike Mags: The Future is Now

Jacob D., Writer

October 31, 2016

     On November 22,1987, Back to the Future Part II was released in theaters and it showed off bold predictions of what the year 2015 will look like. Ranging from hoverboards to Pepsi Perfect, with one particular object that cau...