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Askari (left) and Holub (right) pose in front of their new school
(Photo courtesy of Heidi Hiatt)

After COVID-19 Hiatus, Foreign Exchange Students Come to PVHS

Lucia Ruiz, Features Editor November 10, 2021

Often, students take for granted how lucky they are to study in such a great educational system in the United States. Students come here from all over the world to spend a year in exchange programs for...

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The Famous Pets of PVHS

Sierra Namvari, Photography Editor November 10, 2021

We all know and love our class pets on campus and Zoom, but have you ever wondered what they are like around their owners at home?  Not everyone will remember the infamous campus tortoise, Pascal,...

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Pint-Sized Stories

Chloe Choi and Luka Ardon, Reporters November 10, 2021

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We Lost Petito … We Also Lost Our Decency

Aidan Sun, Editor-In-Chief November 10, 2021

Catching a whiff of potential virality, social media was taken by storm in a seemingly undying craze after the disappearance and murder of 22-year-old Gabby Petito. The frenzy has for months been closely...

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5 Must-Read Young Adult Books

Ella Sherry, Online Editor November 10, 2021

“Stargirl”  by Jerry Spinelli  “Stargirl” is a coming-of-age novel about being different at school (and in other aspects of life).  The story idea is simple—the new girl at school...

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The band “Dayglow” is on tour again after having to cancel concerts due to COVID-19. (Photo courtesy of Hannah Goharian)

Music to Our Ears

Concerts are Back, Exciting Many Students
Kelly Donahue, Social Media Editor November 10, 2021

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Student Support Specialists Megan Babcock and Jodie Shurtleff 
(Photo courtesy of Cynthia Mindicino)

Meet the Student Support Specialists

Naomi Gan, Reporter November 10, 2021

The return to campus this fall has brought about excitement, joy and renewal, but has also resurfaced a lot of anxiety and stress. For students, all these emotions can be difficult to process alone.  This...

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Sea Kings Rush to Sign Up for Clubs this Week

Sierra Namvari, Photography Editor October 21, 2021

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Sea Kings’ Fall Traditions

Meeka Rahimi, Reporter October 15, 2021

Reporter Meeka Rahimi checked in with the freshman class to see what they look forward to doing most in the fall season. Genesis Rodriguez loves decorating her house with her mom. This family tradition...

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Graphic by Amber Chen

Students Express Themselves Differently After Quarantine

Amber Chen, Opinion Editor October 15, 2021

After a long year of isolation during quarantine, some students have completely changed. Whether it’s fashion, passions or entire personalities, it seems like many students have become different people...

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(From left to right) Live from 205s sports photographer and editor Erik Gressett, sports anchor Jamie Robertson, executive producer Rene Vela, reporter Ben Jorgensen and anchor Isabella Firmani take a final photo together. 
Photo courtesy of Isabella Firmani

“Live from 205” Receives Its Own Breaking News

Executive Producer and Advisor Rene Vela Accepts New Job at Chino Hills High School
Isabella Firmani, Reporter October 15, 2021

On Sunday, Sept. 12, “Live From 205” students, as well as the rest of the school, were hit with news that would quickly shift the entire production of their program. Rene Vela, the founder and Executive...

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Supporting the Seniors

The CCC provides students with a plethora of college admissions resources.
Naomi Gan, Reporter October 15, 2021

Many seniors on campus are entering the thick of college application season and, thanks to the CCC, have access to various resources to guide them through this stressful time. The College and Career...

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