Which is Cooler? Skiing vs Snowboarding


43 students surveyed. (Graphic by Quinn Kearns)

James Lew, Reporter

There has always been a debate as to whether skiing or snowboarding is better and more fun for people. 

After some thorough research, it has been concluded that skiing is most likely the easier sport to learn but the harder sport to master. For the average person, it only takes around a couple days to get the hang of skiing. 

As freshman Rylee Rodriguez put it, “skiing can be a very freeing experience. It gives you time in a cool place to relax and settle your mind while having fun.”

Overall, skiing is more popular in the USA than snowboarding, as there are around 15 million skiers compared to 7.5 million snowboarders.

There are a couple of downsides to both skiing and snowboarding, such as the occasional concussions and other injuries when falling. For beginners, proper weather is especially important for learning and enjoying the sports.