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DC’s Road to Redemption

John Kim, Writer May 2, 2019

With the release of Iron Man in 2008, Marvel started off its serious attempt into the movie industry with a shining success. Although there were some missteps for Marvel, it has built up one of the most...

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What’s Next After Acceptance?

Camilla Manis, Writer May 2, 2019

As the Class of 2019 finally make their college decisions following another crazy admissions season, they start to prepare for the next obstacles that come with being a college freshman, tackling the world...

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Students Gear Up for the Intel Fair

Lauren Jai, Features Editor April 7, 2019

On  February 21st, science research students had the opportunity to present their projects at the annual Palos Verdes Peninsula Science and Engineering Fair. The science fair allows for students to...

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Beneath the Surface of Ms. Hafer

McKinley Pieper, Photo Editor April 7, 2019

Keely Hafer is passionate about her position as Associate Principal for the second year. Being in a disciplinary position may appear tyrannical, but the reality is that Hafer is compassionate and intent...

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The Search for Sweets Stops Here

Phoebe Lai, Editor-In-Chief April 7, 2019

Living at least 30 minutes from urban eats can make it hard for PV kids to scout new places to eat. For students who want to explore beyond PV’s dessert sites, here is a list of the best sweet shops...

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Cut Loose with Footloose

Natasha Stein, Writer April 7, 2019

Cut loose with the cast of Footloose at Palos Verdes High School! The PVHS Drama Department presents Footloose for this year’s spring musical. Ren McCormack, a teenager from Chicago, and his mother...

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Spreading the Irish Spirit

Emma Conkling, Writer April 7, 2019

The Irish American Club was formed a year after teacher Richard Heffernan’s nephew, Sean Heffernan, was killed by a drunk driver in January 2013 of his senior year. Because of this tragedy, the Irish...

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Gender Unit Welcomes Controversy

Alexa Stevens, Online Editor April 7, 2019

Humanities classes are more than mere facts and core curriculum. Unlike math and science courses, there is often neither a right nor wrong answer -- all is subject to interpretation. As such, English...

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Out of Sight, But Not Out of Mind

Claire Hardesty, Writer April 7, 2019

Palos Verdes is a beautiful place at first look, but after walking trails and going off the beaten path, some incredible places exist, waiting to be found. These token places exist all over the hill but...

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Meet Palos Verdes’ Next Top Models

Lauren Jai, Features Editor February 22, 2019

Ella Polischeck (12) When Ella Polischeck was a baby, her mom had submitted photos of her to a modeling agency who decided to represent her. At the age of three, Polischeck began auditioning...

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Students Shine with Style

Isabella Firmani, Writer February 22, 2019

PVHS sophomores Chloe Dowling and Ife Ibraheem took their passions and used them to create their own online magazine called Project Unique. Their main focus is to shine a light on one way people...

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Let’s Hear it For the Orchestra

Natasha Stein, Writer February 21, 2019

While Palos Verdes High School’s talented actors are performing on stage, a whole other group of talented performers  works hard to make the show magical.   For this year’s spring musical,...

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