The More, the Merrier

PV’s student section introduces eight Red Tide Captains, the most in history


This year’s Red Tide captains are Mafalda Corral, David Zavarella, Peter Kraemer, Alex Forman, Max Larkin, Tate Ballard, Bridget Gormley, and Jonah Jones. (Photo courtesy of Lily Bohannon)

Sierra Namvari, Photography Editor

Mafalda Corral

“I’ve been coming to the football games since sixth grade, with my friends on the left side of the bleachers. From the start I just saw how much fun people were having in the stands…as I got older my love for Red Tide and school spirit grew stronger, so I made it a goal to be involved in school.”

Max Larkin

“[I originally wanted to be a Red Tide Captain because] my brother did it, and I got to see him do it. I love it because getting kids more involved at games is pretty cool to see.”

David Zavarella 

“I remember being in eight grade, going down to the high school to watch the football games with all my friends, and I remember seeing all the former captains doing all the chants and getting everyone excited and I thought ‘I really want to do this and this looks really cool, I wanna be that guy when I’m a Senior.’ I really love our school and I wanna help make the campus better.”

Tate Ballard

“The spirit is one of my favorite [parts of being a Captain],” Ballard said. “It creates a lot of fun at events. My favorite events are the PV vs Pen or Mira Costa game.”

Peter Kraemer

“Ever since I started thinking about going to PV High, the main factor that brought me here was the Red Tide Captains. I met one of them [and] they were super nice to me. I thought they were the coolest people ever, so I wanted to be one when I got older.”

Alex Forman

“Originally I didn’t think I would want to be a Red Tide Captain early in high school. Last year talking to my friends who were captains convinced me and showed how fun it was, as I grew up and became more comfortable in a position like that.”

Bridget Gormley

“I’ve been a part of ASB since sophomore year and I really love the school and everything about it, so I just really wanted to be a part of it and be one of the captains. Everything about it is super fun, and I love getting to inspire the younger classes and give them someone they look up to as a role model on campus.”

Jonah Jones

“[Being a Red Tide Captain] has been a huge deal for me since eight grade. I went to a football game and never looked back since. Being out on Friday in front of the whole school and friends kind of makes my week.”