Women Who Inspire, Women We Admire

Ayla Torres, Reporter

(Photo by Ayla Torres)

“Mrs Mindicino has taught me to love English and creative writing again. She is not impatient when you ask for help and has never failed to help me when I ask for it. She truly cares about teaching students and motivating them to do their best, and her class has a warmth to it that others do not. 

I am so grateful to have had her as a teacher in my academic career and the skills she taught in her class will stay with me through the rest of my studies. 

She is an inspiring woman not only because of her brightness, but also the passion she has for her profession that is contagious.” – Senior Rosie Martin

(Photo by Ayla Torres)

“Ms. Barton really truly cares for her students, it shows in everything she does for us. She makes the classroom a fun and inviting environment where everyone’s ideas are accepted and are open for discussion. Ms. Barton is also not afraid to speak her mind and let others know when they are out of line. She has so much knowledge on life and government and it is inspiring to see a teacher care so much about their classroom along with their students. 

Ms. Barton loves getting involved with the campus, from coaching golf and now football and running Scholar Quiz. 

I am amazed she still has time for herself and her dog Charlie. She truly gives 110% to this school and we are lucky to have her.” – Senior Delaney Bradley

(Photo by Ayla Torres)

“Ms. Wood is an amazing teacher, who knows how to directly get to know each student and teach them interactively. She has made me feel like I have a place in PV and in her marine biology class. I thoroughly enjoy her teaching and just spending time in class. I want to be a marine biologist and with her help I have fallen more in love with marine biology and our world. Ms. Wood is someone who has supported me in my dreams of continuing towards becoming who I want to be, even outside of the world of biology. She has taught me crucial things about life, public speaking and how to treat others and the world around us. I look up to Ms. Wood in an abundance of ways. Ms. Wood displays that one person, in a community, can make a difference.“ – Junior Heather Mcclung

(Photo by Ayla Torres)

“Ms. Varela is an exemplary teacher, role model and feminist. Her strength of character and guidance has influenced so many students on this campus. As a history teacher, she empowers her students to study and discuss difficult realities of our global history and opens the minds of her students to be more tolerant and adaptable. One of Ms. Varela’s most admirable qualities is her unrelenting dedication to her students and everyone on campus. Varela will never give up fighting to make sure everyone feels safe and heard on this campus. She teaches through example that even if you stand alone against injustice, there is no other way.” – Senior Camila Jongsma