What is Your Dream Class at PVHS?

“I wish that PV would have a World Cuisine Honors class so we could learn about different cultural foods and learn how to make Korean Bulgogi.”

– Rohan Gianchandani (11)

“I wish Architecture was taught at PVHS. We should have it as a class because it can help people who like architecture explore it and find out if they want to pursue it as a career.”

– Brette Andrews (11)

“I think it would be really awesome if we had a fashion design class. We would get fashion advice, create our own pieces, and model the clothes.”

– Abby Cheung (11)

“I think there should be more language classes offered. We should be able to be exposed to more parts of the world and more languages.”

– Gia Bohorquez (11)

“I wish metalwork was added onto the glassblowing class. It’s a vocational job and I feel like we don’t really value those as much even though that’s a career path for some people.”

– Amarachi Onyeador (12)