School Events Benefit Local Businesses

Natalie Wang, Reporter

Schools are a vital part of communities in numerous ways aside from education. Organizations like BTC, ASB, clubs, and sports teams frequently patronize local businesses for fundraisers and events. Special events use local businesses for things like catering and decor, and local restaurants are popular fundraising options for everything from Red Ribbon Week to school sports. By partnering with PVHS, community businesses get the perfect opportunity to support students, donate to important causes and also receive valuable advertising.

This February, many businesses like the Lunada Market and Deli and Study Hut Tutoring sponsored the 10th annual Remember the Tritons Walk organized by BTC. Restaurants like MOD Pizza also held fundraising days where a percentage of the money raised would be donated to Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

“The local businesses that BTC works with get more attention from PVHS students, and they are often packed on these days,”  sophomore and BTC member Sedona Ding said. “Local businesses are also involved in BTC by donating to the Remember the Tritons Walk and getting their logo printed on the back of t-shirts that every participant gets. This advertises small organizations and supports a great cause.”

Senior and ASB treasurer Ellen Brandt says ASB also works closely with local businesses to raise money for the school. 

“In ASB we do a lot of fundraisers at restaurants like Chipotle and Locale 90,” Brandt said. “We currently don’t have that big of a small business outreach but I know we would love to expand it more. When working with these restaurants and businesses, it was a very pleasant experience and I know we raised a lot of money for school organizations that really helped our Sea King family.”

Not only are these fundraisers successful, but by working with PVHS, these businesses get an opportunity to reach new customers while also giving back to the community. 

Another organization that works closely with small businesses is Project Runway. This month, Project Runway worked with vendors like Mandyz Boutique, Berries by Bella and A Bite of Charcuterie for their small business fundraiser.

“Project Runway benefits local businesses through the actual show and through certain fundraisers,” senior and Stores Director Grace Bonvechio said. “Businesses get advertisement by being in our show, and most of our fundraisers throughout the year are with local businesses, which brings business to their stores.”  

Not only do local businesses have a lot to gain by working with PVHS organizations, but the partnership also helps school events run smoothly while fostering a stronger sense of community.