Family by Chance, Friends by Choice

Siblings at PVHS Have Each Other’s Back

Kelly Donahue, Social Media Editor

National Siblings Day occurs every year on April 10 and celebrates siblings and the bond they share. At PVHS, there are many students who attend school with one or more of their siblings. These siblings share a unique experience as they navigate high school with one another. 

“Going to school with a sibling is normal to me because I have a twin and we’ve been going to school together since we were about two years old,” junior Alli Furriel said.

Going to school with your sibling comes with many convenient benefits.

“One of my favorite things about going to school together is having some of the same teachers and classes because if I don’t understand something, I can always ask Alli and we help each other study,” junior Andi Furriel said. 

Similarly, senior Heath Bray’s “favorite thing about going to school with a sibling, especially a twin that [he has] a lot of classes with, is [having] someone at home to work with on schoolwork.”

Senior Jenna Leone likes going to school with her brother because “it’s nice and it’s convenient. We go to school together and I see him in the halls sometimes. It’s nice to know that he’s always there in case something happens.”

Jenna’s brother, sophomore Shaun Leone, does like having Jenna there “so [he] can get a ride from [her].”

Despite all the benefits, not everything about going to school with your sibling is positive.

“One of my least favorite things about going to school together is the comparison. People compare us to each other or we compare our grades, because we are so different,” Andi Furriel said.

Alli Furriel’s least favorite part about going to school with her sister is “waiting for her in the morning because she always takes longer to get ready.”

As a twin, senior Will Bray dislikes “getting confused for [his] sibling.”

Going to school with a sibling can be very beneficial because it gives students a chance to get closer to their sibling. 

“We do talk a lot more than I thought we would because we have a class together, BTC,” Jenna Leone said. “It’s nice seeing him at school because we have such busy schedules that sometimes we rarely see each other even after school at home. So it makes the day fun, and we have become much closer now that we’re at school together.”