Painting the Picture on PV Art Club


(Photo courtesy of Ari Tousey)

Quinn Kearns, Social Media Editor

Sports are not the only things that Sea Kings excel at. 

Our very own art club welcomes people of all different artistic styles and methods. 

It meets every Monday during lunch in Room 213 and welcomes people of all artistic backgrounds.

“We host fun activities for the members like drawing popular characters from memory or creating things based on themselves. Because lunch doesn’t leave much time for help and improvement, the art club also hosts meetings outside of school times in the same place. With the extended time, we go over things like color theory, drawing from reference, and even help with character designing skills,” said junior Ari Tousey, co-president of the art club.

Inspiration comes from all aspects of life. 

Pursuing art has given club members the opportunity to express their inspiration in something that speaks through more than just words.

“I first became interested in art when I was a very young child, probably at the age of eight when I first decided I wanted to draw like the cartoons I watched on television. Animations like Gravity Falls or Steven Universe inspired me with their character designs and story and I decided when watching them that I wanted to do things like that too,” said Tousey.

Through the art club, students like Tousey have been able to find people with shared interests at our school. 

“The art club gave me a place to connect with people who felt the same way I did and allowed me to meet people with other inspirations I could seek advice from. It’s been a warm and comfortable place to share my work without judgment and even encouragement to continue practicing my craft.” Tousey said.

Many teachers at our school encourage creativity, but only a select few fuel it. 

Kristy Jimenez, the photography teacher and sponsor of the art club, has shown her devotion to giving students the resources they need to engage in different forms of art.