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Tune Your Mood

Every Playlist you Need
Alexa Dox, Reporter April 9, 2021

Road Trip Road tripping is one of the best ways to spend quality time with your family and friends, exploring all types of sights. To have a successful journey, you must have a working vehicle, a full...

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Cookies Determine Character

What does your favorite Girl Scout cookie say about you?
Alycen Kim, Centerspread editor April 9, 2021

March and April bring about cool spring breezes, frantic studying for AP tests, and of course, Girl Scout cookie season.   But, along with the delectable cookies comes debates over which Girl Scout cookie...

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Add These to Your TBR (to be read) Pile

Sydney Lyle, Social Media Editor April 9, 2021

An endless amount of books line every wall. Genre upon genre presented on all. Slightly overwhelming and often nerve inducing, the library seems all too confusing.  Reading can be cool, but you need...

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Car Connoisseurs of PVHS

Claire Hardesty, Editor-in-Chief April 9, 2021

The students of PVHS have always put an emphasis on making their cars personal to them and their personalities. Driving up to campus, you can be certain there will be a variety of colorful VW Bugs, Jeeps,...

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Following Other CA Schools, PVHS Finally Opens Its Doors to Students

Vikesh Dheeriya , Reporter April 9, 2021

After a year of distance learning, many high schools in California recently reopened to an in-person format with PVHS, returning April 12, not far behind.  Most of the in-person schools that have reopened...

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Return to Campus or Computer?

Staff April 9, 2021

On April 12, 2021, Palos Verdes High School students are scheduled to return to campus in a hybrid system of learning, where students will be split into two groups by last name, group 1 receiving in-person...

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A Penny For Your Thoughts

Economics teacher Chris Wilson answers some questions about personal finance and what students should know about saving and spending money.
Sarah Liu, Editor-in-Chief March 12, 2021

Q: When do you think kids should start opening bank accounts, and is there a benefit to saving when you’re young? I’m of the mindset that kids, with the help of parents or guardians, should start...

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Student Small Businesses Find Success During Quarantine

Mallory Meyer, Reporter March 12, 2021

Over quarantine, many students have been getting creative in starting their own businesses.  One unique and popular business is owned by junior Bella D’Alfonso. “I create customizable, gourmet chocolate...

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How does a day in the life of a student compare to a teacher’s?

Sierra Namvari, Reporter March 12, 2021

Amy Byrne (teacher) Morning:   “I wake up at 5:00am and get to school by 6:00am.” During school:   “While students are working doing asynchronous work or collaborative activities, I usually...

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Two Chickens in a Coop

A new Raising Cane’s location sparks debate between Chick-Fil-A lovers and Raising Cane’s fans
Natalie Tholan, Reporter March 12, 2021

As many now know, a new Raising Cane’s establishment opened on Mar. 2 on Western Avenue. While this is great news for Raising Cane’s lovers, it has sparked debate about what is the most popular chicken...

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A Bene-fish-al Pet

Pet fish have more benefits than what meets the eye
CJ Haddad, Reporter March 12, 2021

In a time where PVHS students are spending a prolonged time studying at home, a small pick-me-up could come in an unlikely form–a pet fish. Tiny as they may be—and boring as they are often described—fish...

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Endure and Overcome

Annie’s and Rafaello’s on getting through the pandemic.
Claire Hardesty, Editor-in-Chief February 5, 2021

As the COVID-19 virus has continued to worsen in the Southern California area, small local businesses are taking the hardest hit.  Annie’s Boutique is a local run clothing store located a block up...

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