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Ms. Klabe’s 3A.M. Routine

(Photo by Olivia Kao, Graphic by Ella Gardener)

Allyson Klabe is well-known all around the hill.

On campus, she can be found teaching math, at band practice, collecting donations for CSF drives, advising Link Crew or running Friendship Club. 

With such a full schedule, one would think Klabe needs plenty of sleep, but not this teacher. Her routine is definitely a unique one.

“I would get up and I just felt like I could be more productive at school than fooling around at my house so I would come in and it just kinda stuck,” Klabe says.

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Klabe starts her day long before us, bright and early. 

“I’ve always been a morning person.”

Klabe drives to school at 4 AM every morning. Even the police know Klabe and her unique routine. “The PV Police know my car and my early morning routine…They wave when I pass by,” Klabe said. 

Sometimes, traffic at 4 AM gets suspicious. “I’ve been pulled over twice,” Klabe says. Once, while still at PVIS, she even had to call the police because she had caught a burglar.

 Klabe has even had some animal encounters early in the morning. 

 “A lot of animals like to hang out with me. Skunks, raccoons, foxes, and a coyote or two,” Klabe said.

Klabe likes to give two different teachers a special gift every morning.

Around 5 AM, she runs some delivery errands.

“Because no one’s here in the morning, I can go deliver gifts to some people so that they have a morning smile on their desk when they come in.”



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