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Meet the Math Club!

The PVHS Math Club is a club on campus dedicated to teaching students more about the world of math. 

A typical meeting includes teaching basic math problems of varying levels, giving members the opportunity to solve the problems on their own. 

This allows members to develop their mathematical skills by learning a variety of new methods and equations while simultaneously reviewing old content from previous courses.

Although the math problems are not easy to solve, once students start learning them and continuously working hard on them, they eventually get the questions correct, which is a rewarding experience for many members. 

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“Each math problem is like solving a little puzzle. It is hard most of the time but once you slowly work your way through the problem and get the right answer, the satisfaction you get feels amazing,” Math Club President Christine Xie said.

The biggest fear of a student would always be getting wrong solutions or being judged, but this club allows them to learn a lot of things without getting judged. 

“This club is a welcoming and fun environment for anyone who likes math. The competitions, while challenging, are a great way to improve your math skills, especially under a time limit,” junior Azalea Lurie said.

Although there are many upperclassmen in the club, it allows many of the sophomores and freshmen the chance to learn concepts from different grades to improve their math skills.

The Math Club meets on Thursdays at lunch in Room 514 (Ms. Norris’ room). 

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