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Sea Brew Coffee Cart:

An inside look
(Graphic by Ruby Mayrose and Quinn Kearns)

The Sea King coffee cart has quickly become one of PV High’s most special and iconic programs. Students and teachers can catch the Sea Brew cart going around campus on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays, and pick up coffee and other treats. Many staff members rely on Sea Brews to get their morning coffee, making them a very meaningful part of our community. 

 The Sea Brew cart was created in 2019 in order for students in the Transitional Opportunity Program (formerly Life Skills Center) to practice important skills. 

 The students benefit greatly from these seemingly small interactions with teachers and other students. 

“It’s [teaching] vocational and job training and allowing them to learn important life skills for their future outside of PVHS,” said Special Education Department Lead Nathalie Hodjat. 

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 Since its creation, Sea Brew has gained popularity among many teachers. They gladly pause class for a quick talk or a warm cup of coffee.  

AP Government teacher Tecia Barton has taken such a liking to the cart that she now makes monthly donations to allow them to give free coffee to their customers. 

 “I saw how important these interactions are, and how there’s a certain aura of empathy and kindness when they come [into class]. I just wanted to capture that and let it grow,” said Barton. 

With just a quick walk around campus, these students can be seen collecting recycling from classrooms, walking around the halls with friends, chatting with other students and of course, serving coffee. 

This program has proved to be very successful in preparing them for opportunities outside of school as well as providing them with a deeper connection to the Sea King family.

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