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Walking in a winter wonderland:

A trip down Candy Cane Lane
(Photo by Quinn Kearns)

Wreaths on doors, hot chocolate in mugs, and most importantly lights on houses. 

All these things bring us closer to the most festive time of year. A street in particular takes decoration to a whole new level and embodies aspects of the holiday spirit each year: Candy Cane Lane.

With several locations, we are lucky enough to have one in Sleepy Hollows, Torrance. Only a couple of miles north, the Candy Cane Lane in El Segundo has gained immense popularity, especially with Amazon Prime Video premiering a movie to show off the street’s spirit. 

For many, Candy Cane Lane is not a trend, it is a tradition. This is especially true for homeowners where their festive décor is mandatory.  

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Eight-year resident Eric said, “Living on this street brings a certain appreciation for the holiday spirit. The time and dedication really pay off when you get to see people enjoy the lights and festivities. Every year I try to improve my decorations and try to be more creative with them. I always hang a giant sleigh with Santa in my trees which is a huge hit with the kids.” 

The street officially opened on Wednesday, November 29 and continues to spread holiday spirit through the winter break.  

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