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The Point

The Point

Sea King Style:

Vintage revival with Senior Ariana Sheldon
(Graphic by Ruby Mayrose)

Where/who do you get your inspiration from?

I get inspiration from my mom, she has a really cool sense of style and I wear a lot of her old clothes. My friends and people on Instagram are also very stylish.

Where do you get your clothes from?

I love thrifting. I try to find old pieces and bring them a fresh look.

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What are some staples in your closet?

I usually wear a lot of jewelry, and I enjoy statement makers like my favorite leather jacket or Dr. Martens.

Do you have advice for people who want to experiment with fashion?

Find your favorite style or aesthetic and just go for it! Look online for inspiration or find a cool group of friends to try it out with.

What do you think are some characteristics of your style?

A huge part of my wardrobe is vintage or thrifted, so I like to think of myself as a cool little granny.

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