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Students Publish Their First Novel Together

Students Publish Their First Novel Together

Sophie Sun, Reporter October 7, 2022

Two girls walk side by side outside McDonalds, holding icy McFlurries in their hands as they laugh and snack on the chilly dessert. One is tall, with a black and silver wolf cut and multiple piercings...

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Stanford Admissions Officer Sheds Light on Admissions Process

Amber Chen, Editor-in-Chief October 7, 2022

“I think we’re doing students a disservice if we admit students who say, like ‘I didn’t sleep at all this week in order to get [my application done].’ If we hear that, I think that’s almost...

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The Man, The Myth,  The Larkins

The Man, The Myth, The Larkins

Luka Ardon, Reporter April 7, 2022

If there is one particular staff member who could kickstart your high school English classes freshman year, help in the final stretch of AP Lang or even be your soccer coach for all four years, it is Derek...

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Women Who Inspire, Women We Admire

Ayla Torres, Reporter April 7, 2022

“Mrs Mindicino has taught me to love English and creative writing again. She is not impatient when you ask for help and has never failed to help me when I ask for it. She truly cares about teaching...

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Lights, Camera, Action

2022 Oscars Predictions and Results
Quinn Kearns, Reporter April 7, 2022

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School Events Benefit Local Businesses

Natalie Wang, Reporter April 7, 2022

Schools are a vital part of communities in numerous ways aside from education. Organizations like BTC, ASB, clubs, and sports teams frequently patronize local businesses for fundraisers and events. Special...

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Family by Chance, Friends by Choice

Siblings at PVHS Have Each Other’s Back
Kelly Donahue, Social Media Editor April 7, 2022

National Siblings Day occurs every year on April 10 and celebrates siblings and the bond they share. At PVHS, there are many students who attend school with one or more of their siblings. These siblings...

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From left to right: Ryan Fuerte (10), Calvin Barnum (12), Will Sasaki (12), Austin Roach (10) (Photo by Amber Chen)

Behind the Scenes of the Matilda Musical Pit

Eva Mayrose, Reporter March 7, 2022

Every year, the incredibly talented PVHS drama department puts together a fall and spring show. Passionate actors, hard-working stage crew, set designers and technicians all spend weeks preparing and practicing...

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From left to right: Sarah Park (11), Anthony Yoon (11), Johannes Eberhart (11), Sam Malekzadeh (12) 
(Photo by Amber Chen)

All-Star Ensembles Assemble

Amber Chen, Opinion Editor March 7, 2022

After years of hard work and countless hours of consistent practice, student musicians juniors Johannes Eberhart, Sarah Park and Anthony Yoon and senior Sam Malekzadeh have been rewarded with high honors:...

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Rising Star-lings

Sierra Namvari, Photo Editor March 7, 2022

The number of students with exceptional talent at our school have proven time and time again to impress crowds.  Starting in late December 2021, juniors Cate Fasoletti, Eva Mayrose, Pixie Kinsolving...

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Warming Up to Spring Fashion

Reddin Kehrli, Social Media Editor March 7, 2022

The recent warm weather and trips to the beach are reminding us that winter is coming to an end and spring fashion is on its way. From Y2K to gingham print, spring 2022 is showing range and making a statement....

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Meditation 101

Sophie Stoddart, Reporter March 7, 2022

Meditation is a perfect option for those who are looking for a way to improve their emotional wellbeing, lower stress levels, and cultivate a deeper understanding and awareness of themselves.  Leah...

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