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Taste of resilience:

Kathryn Montgomery’s culinary exploration
(Photo by Olivia Kao)

Kathryn Montgomery, a junior with a passion for soccer, had her life take an unexpected turn during a soccer showcase match. 

In an attempt to score for her team, Montgomery had an unfortunate tangle with the opposing goalie resulting in a precarious collision and leg injury. While initially brushing it off as a minor incident, the escalating pain hinted at a more severe injury.

“It felt like a sudden jolt, but I didn’t realize the extent until it started really bothering me” Montgomery recounted, reflecting on the moment that changed everything. 

Following a visit to the doctor’s office, the diagnosis of a torn ACL momentarily shattered Montgomery’s athletic aspirations. Forced into a period of sideline observation and recovery, Montgomery found herself faced with an abundance of spare time—a luxury she didn’t previously have.

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“It was frustrating to be away from the field, and I really missed playing with my team. But it opened up windows to explore things I hadn’t considered before,” Montgomery explained. 

During her time away from the field, Montgomery tried exploring new areas of cooking, all while juggling her rehabilitation. 

“I like cooking, and I used to cook with my grandma which I really enjoyed. I started seeing people make pickles at home and homemade pickles at farmers markets, and I thought, ‘I could totally do that.’” 

What started as a challenge soon became an enjoyable pastime. 

“I’d often make them and give them to my grandparents, or friends and family members would ask for pickles and I’d make some for them,” Montgomery said. 

“Overall, I enjoyed sharing what I made with them, and it was a fun way to pass some time.”

Senior Anna Peti-Peterdi, a close friend and witness to Montgomery’s journey, as well as a recipient of Montgomery’s creations, offers her perspective. 

“Kathryn’s resilience has been inspiring. Despite the major setback, she managed to move past it and make the best of it. It’s been incredible to witness.”  

Peti-Peterdi still recalls her first encounter with Kathryn’s newfound pastime. 

“I heard that she was trying to make pickles, and I thought it was a joke at first. I asked her to make me some because I wanted to know how it would taste, and was partly shocked when I did because they tasted really good.” 

With her focus back on school and in her final steps of recovery, Montgomery looks back on her memorable experience. 

“It was a fun period of time, and looking back I think I enjoyed it just because of how random it really was,” she said.

“I was going through a difficult period of time due to the injury, and I’m grateful that I had something to do to take my mind off of it, as well as my friends and family supporting me through it.” 

Montgomery’s story shows her resilience, especially illustrating how her adversity brought about an unexpected opportunity. 

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