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Was Travis Scott robbed of a Grammy?
(Graphic by Sophie Sun)

 On February 4th of 2024 A ROBBERY OCCURRED towards the greatest of all time Jacques Burman Webster II a.k.a Travis Scott. A well deserved Grammy after having one of the best performing years in the entire industry was stolen from him by a no name with less than two million followers named Killer Mike. 

Even before the 66th Grammy’s Award show began, Travis Scott was already snubbed. Scott was only nominated for a single Grammy for Rap Album of the Year even though he clearly should have least been nominated for at least three to four more awards. Scott is well deserving of the award as his album, Utopia, had the most plays in one day than any other album in 2023.

Then we travel back to the night of the robbery, February 4th, 2024, it was a rainy, foggy night and at 5pm Killer Mike, who has less plays in his entire career on spotify then Travis Scott’s “UTOPIA”, was awarded not one, not two, but three Grammys killing all dreams that we had of our man Travis Scott getting a Grammy. The Travis Scott fans were outraged, including myself as I threw a desk across my room because this had been Travis’s 10TH GRAMMY SNUB. 

At this point it was ridiculous, Travis even stated himself “They slept on me 10 times” during his Grammy performance of FE!N and honestly I couldn’t agree more.

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Scott is one of the greatest and easily most influential artists of this generation with his ability to capture the hearts of his fans. 

He has had his own Fortnite event, the most successful collaboration with Nike since Michael Jordan, and his own McDonalds meal, Scott was the first celebrity to collaborate with McDonalds since basketball legend Michael Jordan in 1992. 

These accolades and record breaking statistics are all proof that Scott is one of the greatest to ever make music in the industry and deserves countless Grammy awards and more.  

Also, I don’t think that Killer Mike has his own signature Fortnite skin, does he?

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