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On the Runway:

Krystal Deng’s Modeling Journey
Rudy Salgado
(Photo courtesy of Krystal Deng)

From Haute Couture to New York Fashion week, high fashion runways have created a wave of new trends in culture for decades and are known to display some of the world’s best designs for clothing. However, these elaborate shows would even exist without the stunning models that are hired to flaunt these remarkable new styles. 

One of these high fashion models is sophomore Krystal Deng. 

Deng has been modeling since she was 13 years old and was introduced to the industry by her parents. She has since discovered her love and passion for her jobs and the art of modeling.

“There were so many different factors that helped me get started. My parents had friends that thought that I would make a good model because I was tall and my parents also had connections with people who were in the industry.” said Deng.

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When Deng first started out, she went to different modeling competitions as well as going to castings and displaying local designers’ clothes in shows and eventually looked into signing with an agency.

“At first I didn’t sign with any agencies and I just went to competitions but my current agency, Photogenics LA, followed me to the competitions and I eventually signed with them.”

In the beginning, Deng felt awkward and out of place, but American Model Sherry Shi’s story motivated her to continue to model and to get over the difficult challenges that come with modeling.

“Everyone goes through a lot of different obstacles and she [Shi] went through a lot of hardships when people told her she would not make it in the industry”,” said Deng. “This motivated me to keep going even if it didn’t work in the beginning.”

Passion and love for the things you do can guide you to achieve your goals, dreams, and success. Because Deng was able to persevere through different challenges, she has developed new skills, met new people, worked with many designers, and gained passion for something she loves doing.

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