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Superstar Substitute Teacher:

Get to know Mr. Fotion
(Photo courtesy of David Fotion)

 “A special place upon the Earth is what I call PV High, and it is an accurate description”. You may have seen Mr.Fotion around campus, or have had the joy of having him as a substitute before. Either way, it is easy to remember his stylish fashion sense, as well as his kind and friendly demeanor. As Fotion moved from Missouri to California, he got himself used to the PVPUSD district. 

 “I went to Vista Grande first from third grade, then Ridgecrest also for three years,” Fotion said. 

 “I was interested in so many things. I worked at the PV library all those years and was notorious for having a [huge] stack of books at home that I would be shelving.” 

In his early thirties, Fotion realized he connected and related well with younger generations, and decided to get his Masters and Teachers Credential. He worked as a credentialed English teacher for years prior to going into substitute teaching. 

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“We were more entertainers as teachers because we went to the main teacher’s classroom, and English was taught in a pretty boring style, mostly grammar and rote learning,” Fotion said. 

“So our job was to make it more entertaining and interesting”. 

Outside of teaching, Fotion is busy with other hobbies and interests. One of which is fashion.

 “I haven’t worn much of my stuff at school, but I want to start doing so. I really love color in fashion…I think part of it was in Japan, that the fashion there is so much more spectacular,” Fotion said. 

Given how artistic Fotion is, he also indulges in his niche music taste. 

“I love old Chinese music and old Chinese Mandopop from the 1960s and 1970s,” Fotion said. 

Fotion has made an incredible addition to the PVHS community, and has always felt welcomed and at home here. 

 “I have always been treated in such a great manner here,” Fotion said. 

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