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Lights Up: New Contract Sheds Light on Night Game

(Photo by Natalie Dardon)

A spirited energy roared through the packed student section at last year’s homecoming football game – the first night home game since PVHS reopened. 

A contract recently signed with the city of Palos Verdes Verdes Estates will allow Sea Kings to attend more frequent home night games in the near future, including this year’s recent Homecoming game on Oct. 13. 

PV Estates’ tranquil atmosphere is complimented by a lack of industrial lighting structures. PV High is located in an open space zone, requiring the school to receive city permission to use industrial lighting equipment.

“Certain uses like lighting could interfere with the use and enjoyment of neighbors’ properties, so [the City’s Planning Commission] want to make sure something like lighting does not have an adverse effect on the neighborhood,” said Bob Wade, Chair of the Planning Commission at the City of Palos Verdes Estates.

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Thus, a conditional use permit was issued by the city, allowing the school to hold one night homecoming game for the next five years to come. 

Aside from simply allowing yearly night games, the new city contract offers a chance for Sea Kings to participate in exciting and unifying experiences, according to Red Tide captain Ashlyn Jensen. 

“[The energy] was electric,” said Jensen, recalling last year’s homecoming night game. 

“You could feel the excitement in the air…everyone was happy to be a Sea King.”

Varsity Football coach Guy Gardner remarks on what the new contract might mean for Sea King football: not a change in the team’s performance, just the environment around it. 

“I think when the game starts- whether in the day or night, we just play,” said Gardner. “But it is exciting to be under the lights…The vibe here- with our students, band and Red Tide is always awesome, but at night that will be even more fun.”

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