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BTC to Host PVHS Wellness Week

(Graphic by Ella Sherry)

Wellness Week is an event being put on by the BTC committee, during the week before finals, and it’s intended to help students destress and develop coping skills to deal with stress around academic testing. 

“The main idea is to prioritize your mental health over overworking yourself and sacrificing mental health for the good grade,” senior and BTC board member Gabby Di Camillo said. 

Finals Week has long been a source of high stress among students, but BTC’s goal with Wellness Week aims to reassure students. 

“It started as a way to break the stigma over Finals Week because it can really be a difficult time for students,” senior and BTC board member Melina Acuna said. 

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On Monday Dec. 11, students in BTC will be holding activities in the Wellness Center during lunch. 

“The Sage therapists and counselors wanted to have the Wellness Center open as a space where students can destress,” senior and BTC member Lauren Peckovich said. 

“We liked this idea because we wanted to help publicize the Wellness Center.” 

On Tuesday Dec. 12, there will be therapy dogs on campus, an event BTC also hosted last year. 

“The therapy dogs went really well last year so we wanted to do them again because all the students seemed to enjoy it,” Peckovich said.

On Wednesday Dec. 13, BTC will pass out goody bags filled with face masks, candy and crystals during nutrition. 

On Thursday Dec. 14, there will be sound bath sessions during class that students will be able to attend whenever they prefer. 

 “We saw the segment of the sound bath lady on Live from 205 and thought it was an interesting concept that might help relax students so we wanted to try it this year,” junior and BTC member Avery Tydlaska said. 

On Friday Dec. 15, BTC plans to pass out cookies during nutrition that read “You are one smart cookie” to hopefully encourage students to do well on their upcoming exams.

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