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UC System Turns a Blind Eye to Standardized Tests

Alycen Kim, Centerspread editor November 18, 2020

Standardized tests ring the same bell of dread for most students. Many people can already imagine the blood, sweat and tears that go into hours upon hours of studying and preparation for a brutally long...

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Home For the Holidays?

Sierra Namvari, Reporter November 18, 2020

During the holidays, friends and family normally plan to all come together whether that means traveling out of state, college students coming home for the break, or enjoying a Friendsgiving celebration.  Due...

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Lobster Season Comes to California

Andrew Carpenter, Reporter October 29, 2020

For anyone who lives in California and is a water person or fisherman, October 3 is a very important day: the opening of lobster season. Many people, including myself, think of lobster season as “a combination...

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A Vaccine to End the Quarantine:

The complex process of a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine, from petri dishes to humans.
Aurora Khatibi Garrity, News Editor October 29, 2020

The question of the SARSCoV-2 (COVID-19) vaccine release date lingers in the air as individuals slide into the seventh month of social distancing and in some cases, complete quarantine.The complex process...

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The Environmental Impact of Disposable Masks

Sydney Lyle, Social Media Editor October 29, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic has escalated in the United States, the encouragement to wear a mask has increased, and items such as disposable masks and surgical gloves can now be found scattered up and down...

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Pier to Pier Goes Virtual

Emily Typrowitz, Sports Editor October 27, 2020

For the first time, the 12th Annual Skechers Friendship walk will be virtual. The virtual walk will take place Sunday, Oct. 25.  There will be a live stream presentation at 10 a.m. that includes a...

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Drive-thru Cafeteria

Matthew Valero, Reporter October 27, 2020

Ever since students across the country began distanced learning earlier this fall, many parents have faced the dilemma of trying to feed their children in the absence of school-provided lunches.  Due...

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Court Controversy: Nominating a Supreme Court Justice

Aidan Sun, News Editor October 27, 2020

After the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Sep. 18, President Donald Trump and his allies in the Republican-controlled Senate were quick to nominate Judge Amy Coney Barrett to fill...

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Louis DeJoy: Return to Sender?

Postmaster denies claims USPS is being sabotaged on eve of mail-heavy election
CJ Haddad, Reporter October 27, 2020

With a significant general election around the corner, the recent House testimony of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is an influential event for many in the voting pool.  Questioning by the House Oversight...

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Athletes “SeaKing” Recruitment Amidst COVID

Alexa Dox, Reporter October 27, 2020

Senior Peyton Eberhard, a member of the girls’ varsity soccer team, has first-hand experience regarding the impact COVID-19 has had on recruiting. Eberhard shared that many steps of the typical recruitment...

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Junior Pitcher Recruited to Play for UCLA

Vikesh Dheeriya, Reporter October 27, 2020

A top-five college baseball team in the NCAA and the number one ranked public school in the United States, UCLA will become the future destination for junior Jack O’Connor who recently committed as a...

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The Controversial CBA Agreement

Fin Kehrli, Reporter March 26, 2020

Football is America’s Game. Whether it be going to a classic rivalry game with friends and family, forming communities and friendships with fellow fans, or having a Super Bowl party with platters...

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