Spring Musical “Something Rotten!” Will Crack You Up

Bright lights, stage fights and a dazzling chorus — what’s not to love? 

On April 14, the satirical musical “Something Rotten!” is opening at PVHS. Shows run until April 23. 

Set in 1595, the 2015 Broadway hit is a parody to the standard musical, deconstructing the techniques of famous playwrights like Shakespeare. 

Numerous references to literature and other musicals are dispersed throughout the show.

“This show is really special because there’s a lot of aspects of classical theater, but it’s all updated and modernized in a really funny way,” senior cast member Neela David said.

With its variance in styles, the show reaches a broad audience. 

“There’s a little adult humor, which I think will be enjoyed by the high school crowd,” David said. 

“There’s also a lot of aspects of classical theater, like tap-dancing, and classical singing, which is usually enjoyed by an older crowd since it’s what they know. It reminds them of what theater was like in their youth.”

The show has a simple plot, following two brothers who struggle to compete against Shakespeare as playwrights during the Renaissance. Nigel Bottom looks up to Shakespeare, while his older brother, Nick, absolutely despises him. 

Though it contains “lots of spectacle and lots of comedy,” the musical is really “a story about family at its heart,” according to junior and lead actor Gavin Kresser. 

“It’s got a little something for everybody,” Kresser said. “It’s got humor, it’s got songs, it’s got tap-dancing. And it really is a very heartwarming story at the end.”

After studying line after line, the actors have learned important lessons from the musical’s storyline.

“A big theme throughout the show was that people had been deceiving each other,” junior actor Jake Weyrick said. 

“There were a lot of restrictions over what the characters could and couldn’t do. I feel that the main message of the show is just pure honesty — doing your absolute best, doing what you love.” 

And on the stage, Weyrick is doing exactly what he loves. When he initially found out he was cast as Nick Bottom, one of the lead characters, Weyrick “jumped with joy.”

“Not only is it a main role, but I just feel like he fits my character in the best way,” Weyrick said. “I love Nigel’s honesty as that character — his innocence, his passion for things.” 

As juniors cast into the leading roles, both Weyrick and Kresser cite the senior actors as their role models.

“Work ethic and positivity are two very important things,” Kresser said. 

“It’s not like anybody ever sat me down and taught me those things, but just being around people who exude that confident, positive, go-getter energy makes me want to embody that more, and it makes everything run so much more smoothly.”

Having acted in the PVHS drama department for four years, David speaks of her admiration of the younger actors. 

“There’s so much talent among the underclassmen,” David said. “Watching them do so well in their parts makes me feel better, because I know it’ll be such a good show.” 

The entire cast, crew and pit are thrilled to finally see their hard work come into fruition. 

Over the past three months, production members have made unforgettable memories together.

“The best part is always the people,” Kresser said. “You get so close just hanging out every single day, working on something you love and making art with all your friends.  

“The bonds you make, that’s really what you’ll remember. It’s really the friends you make along the way.”