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The Problem of Food Waste: Is the Call Coming From Inside The House?

(Graphic by Aidan Shen)

A myriad of environmental issues ranging from pollution to deforestation has long affected communities around the world. What happens globally can be seen in the community of Palos Verdes as well. 

There are enough political and social conflicts for the national government to try and fix, so some students at PVHS have started to solve these problems at the local level. 

Taking the situation into their own hands, students Sophie Sun and Mattias Eberhart are leading a food waste audit to try and estimate the severity of PV High’s contribution to the problem. The audit started on February 5, projected to run for six weeks total. 

The audit is “trying to help prevent and make the district more aware of the food waste issue on campus,” Eberhart said. He also mentioned that when served lunch at the cafeteria, many students discard all but the main item on the trays. So, the goal is to “obtain data from food being wasted, to present to the district and instill some sort of change.” 

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Working together with them is the Science National Honors Society (SNHS), who contribute volunteers to the cause. 

“[The] audit is a great way for students to analyze trash that Palos Verdes High School produces,” SNHS President Angel Shen said. The majority of members in SNHS coordinate with “Student Environmental Advocacy to volunteer during lunch and track our school’s data.” 

The joint effort between the two organizations helps to reduce the waste in our community greatly.

Conducting the audit at PVHS will be able to shed light on the increase of the school’s food waste in the environment.

In the face of global environmental challenges, PVHS students demonstrate how small-scale efforts may have a significant impact. These young leaders demonstrate their dedication to community involvement and environmental protection by organizing initiatives like the food waste audit. 

Their efforts urge people to collaborate for a more environmentally conscious future and emphasize the importance of sustainable actions.

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