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“All You Need is Love”

Project Runway hosts 2024 fashion show
(Photo courtesy of Project Runway)

Project Runway’s latest show, held on February 13 and 14, was set on the theme “All You Need is Love.” 

Since its start in 2007, Project Runway has evolved from a fundraiser for an orphanage to a platform for raising funds through fashion. 

In 2010, its partnership with Make A Wish Greater Los Angeles solidified, marking a significant milestone in its philanthropic journey. Throughout the years, Project Runway has worked to raise over $100,000 for charitable causes. 

This year, under the guidance of Cari Secrist, the event reached new heights, with total funds exceeding $23,000, setting a new record. 

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Ashlyn Jensen, a senior and one of the presidents, shed light on the student-run nature of the show, explaining the intricate process involved in organizing such a large-scale event.

“As senior year starts as president, you find a date for the show, arrange tryouts, decide on a theme, conduct board interviews and oversee the entire organization process,” Jensen explained. “It’s more student-run. Students handle everything from contacting stores to coordinating fittings, lighting, backstage management, decorations and choreography.”

Working with stores can be difficult. 

“You’re asking to take merchandise from them and return it after being used,” Jensen said. “It’s hard because then their items are going to be out of their store so they can’t sell it if it’s damaged.”

The store managers play a crucial role in facilitating fittings and ensuring that each outfit meets the approval of both the store owner and the Project Runway presidents while also aligning with the models’ preferences. 

Project Runway is very impactful. 

“I always love working with Project Runway,” junior and choreographer Leah Sachs said. “I think the club itself is amazing and what they’re doing to fundraise for Make-A-Wish. All the girls are really passionate about it and it’s really cool to see it all come together in the end.”

“I really liked the senior girls’ Windsor dresses,” junior Elle Campbell said. “They were really pretty, sparkly ball gowns. It’s impressive to see how the show brings people together and touches so many lives while benefiting Make-A-Wish.”

As Project Runway continues to make strides in its philanthropic endeavors, its latest success serves as a testament to the power of passion, teamwork and compassion in creating positive change within the community. With each runway strut and every dollar raised, the spirit of generosity and love shines brightly, making dreams come true for children in need. 

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