To Winter Formal and Beyond

Alexa Stevens, Writer

January 31, 2018

On January 27, students attended the Winter Formal in the California Science Center in Exposition Park. This unique venue contributed to the event’s space theme, as the room in which Sea Kings danced is home to Endeavou...

Halloween Goes Off Without a Hitch

Michael Liu, Staff writer

November 3, 2017

In previous years, Seniors have not put PVHS in the best of light on Halloween. According to Principal Dr. Charles Park, “Since the reopening in 2002...I just believe every year we could have done better. Even if one studen...

Adults Fined for Hosting Party

Audrey Trell, Staff writer

November 3, 2017

Last February, the Palos Verdes Estates City Council began a conversation about implementing a Social Host Ordinance within Palos Verdes. This type of legislation had already been adopted by the neighboring cities of Manhattan...

Teachers Resume Writing Letters of Recommendations

Michael Liu, Staff writer

November 3, 2017

After weeks of negotiations between teachers and district officials, teachers agreed to write letters for students again on September 26, one day before a tentative agreement was reached between the district and PVFA. Befo...

Keep Underclassmen In

John Hilden, Staff writer

November 2, 2017

Here at PVHS, our school has a carrying tradition of having an open campus policy for seniors. Although our school allows only seniors to leave at lunch, our student body has disregarded this rule for years and administration is...

PVFA and District Reach a Tentative Agreement

Seren Cho, Staff writer

October 5, 2017

The news of what some students were calling the “teacher strike” spread quickly throughout the first few weeks of the school year. This “teacher strike” was the negotiation of teacher contracts with the district. The teachers...

Freshmen Find Their Way

Graydon Leongkaye, Staff writer

October 5, 2017

This year 450 freshmen enrolled at PVHS. Many freshmen had mixed feelings about the transition to high school. Some people felt happy to see their friends again. Other people felt nervous or prepared. One reason that Kapil...

First Summer Reading Novel for all Grade Levels

Phoebe Lai, Staff writer

October 5, 2017

Due to racist incidents involving the swastika and racial slurs during last school year, the English Department of PV High picked the novel Warriors Don’t Cry by Melba Pattillo Beals as a summer reading book across all grades....