New York Fashion Week Arrives

New York Fashion Week is a prominent event that happens twice a year to showcase the art of fashion and designers’ creations, held over the course of a week in New York. 

The event often features designers and brands that many are familiar with. 

This year, Michael Kors, Tom Ford, Carolina Herrera, Coach and others will be highlighted on the runway. 

New York Fashion Week is one of many—other fashion shows take place in cities such as London, Paris and Milan. 

In recent years, fashion has shifted into a more virtual community, especially with new “influencers” posting about clothing trends or “hauls,” which are often detrimental to the environment. 

“Big content creators and celebrities have a big impact on fashion trends because they tend to influence everyone,” junior Izzy Zaro said. 

Despite the rise of wasteful fashion trends on social media, the fashion industry is beginning to realize that some trends are harmful and a need for more environmentally-friendly clothing is important to many consumers. 

“I see the fashion industry moving towards more sustainable clothing and less fast fashion,” junior Nini Slingsby said. 

But this is not just an exclusive event meant for celebrities; both fashion and the event intrigue some students at PVHS.  

“I think that fashion really lets you be creative, because [there aren’t any] certain rules on what you can and can’t wear,” Slingsby said. 

Senior Jacqueline Skoblar has a similar view on fashion as an art form in addition to its basic necessity. 

“Fashion can be used to express yourself through the things you wear,” Skoblar said. 

PVHS does offer a program that allows students to get involved in a smaller scale of the fashion world while supporting a good cause: Project Runway. 

“I joined Project Runway because it seemed like something I was interested in and I have been doing it for the past three years now,” Slingsby said. “[It’s] a great way to get involved and raise money for a good cause.” 

Skoblar, one of the event’s choreographers, agrees. 

“I love that Project Runway not only gets to showcase local brands and designers but also raises money for the Make A Wish Foundation,” she said. “It’s a great event that combines both fashion and making a difference to help others.” 

Project Runway will be held on February 15 and 16 in the MPR.