Be The Change Hosts Wellness Week

Students receive support and destress before finals week


BTC hands out marshallows and makes hot chocolate for PVHS students. (Photo by Chloe Choi)

Chris Vasey, Reporter

Mental health being negatively impacted by stress among high schoolers is a growing problem, and finals week only makes these struggles worse for many students. To combat this, Be The Change is putting on a “Wellness Week”  from Wednesday Dec. 14 to Monday Dec. 19 before finals to help students deal with upcoming stress. 

 Wellness Week aims to help students relax and get them into a focused and balanced mindset before beginning finals week. 

“Wellness Week is the week before finals where BTC works to allow students to relax and destress,” BTC Executive Board Member and senior Hayleigh Liu said. “We want to ensure that the student body has a healthy mind before diving into finals.”

BTC wants to help students relax and destress by offering several fun week-long events all students can participate in “including coloring pages in the library and a Spotify study and relaxation playlist readily available on the @PVBTC Instagram,” according to Commissioner of Activities and junior Sedona Ding.

“There will also be activities for each day of the week,” Ding said. “We plan to have a sensory items table during a lunch period, full of little toys such as stress balls and pop-its to give to students to help release tension.”

BTC will be giving complimentary treats as well as stress-relieving activities.

“Another event is delivering free hot cocoa to any student who would like a cup! In addition to a warm cup of hot cocoa, we will be giving out donuts as a sweet treat for students who have been working hard to get ready for finals,” Ding said. 

“And last but not least, we invite teachers to sign up for 15 minute sessions during 5th period to release students’ stress by meeting licensed therapy dogs that BTC will bring to PVHS.” 

With finals week coming up very soon and seniors in the midst of college applications, stress among PVHS students is at an all time high. 

“BTC puts on Wellness Week each year to help students relax and ease their stress before the upcoming finals week,” Ding said. “We want PVHS to be as comforting as possible for students, especially before such a stressful time.”

BTC’s primary main goal for Wellness Week is to help PVHS students get in the right mindset for finals. 

“Final exams cause a lot of stress for many students, and BTC aims to relieve as much mental strain as possible,” Liu said. “A clear mind before taking final exams is a big step toward success.”