GSA Members Speak Out in Support of LGBTQ-Inclusive Curriculum


Members of GSA, PVHS/Pen alumni, teachers, parents, PVE Mayor Jim Roos, and author Kyle Lukoff’s parents, all spoke in support of LGBTQ+ visibility in schools. (Photo by Eva Mayrose)

In light of a challenge to a book featuring a transgender character, PVHS Gay-Straight Alliance attended the March 8 PVPUSD Board meeting to share their experiences and thoughts on the importance of books such as middle grade novel “Too Bright to See” by Kyle Lukoff. The following are excerpts from their speeches: 


“This isn’t about creating special rights for the LGBTQ+ community but something more basic – the right to exist – just the right to exist without judgment, without prejudice, without hatred, and without violence. How can anyone have a right to exist in life if they can’t even exist in a book? There is an LGBTQ+ youth mental health crisis. Preventing discussions in schools about being different will only lead to confusion and loneliness in teen years.” – senior Audrey Munro

“By taking away the book ‘Too Bright to See’, which is approved by the California Department of Education, as it is on its Recommended Literature List for grades three through five, we are showing a community already in crisis that we do not care about them. However, by keeping this book, we will show our support to the LGBTQIA+ community, benefitting everyone by showing that Palos Verdes cares for the success of all people.” 

– junior Cayden McGuire

“According to the Human Rights Campaign, ‘82 percent of transgender individuals have thought about taking their own lives while 40 percent have atttempted suicide with the highest risk occuring among transgender youth.’ And taking this book away from kids will benefit them how? Honestly, I believe that having a main chracter being transgender is a good place to start. Being trans or a book including a trans character is not controversial.” 

– senior Sharlize Moayedi

“If I had access to a book like this growing up, it would’ve made me feel less confused, less self-hatred, and may have helped me blossom into who I truly was. As parents and those who oversee our community’s education, it’s important to be mindful of the fact that you could be affecting family members, strangers, and other students by banning this book.” 

– junior Ryan Um