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Fitness 19 Offers Affordable Fitness in Palos Verdes


A new Fitness 19 gym is opening in the Palos Verdes Promenade. 

Located in Rolling Hills, Fitness 19 offers a convenient option for Palos Verdes residents. 

“It’s a lot closer than other gyms,” senior William Corry said.

“The 24 Hour Fitness by Del Amo Mall is 20 or 30 minutes away. It’s hard to find parking and it’s always packed.” 

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Charging monthly membership fees of $18, Fitness 19 is also the most affordable gym in PV.  

The Equinox Fitness Club, also located in the Palos Verdes Promenade, charges membership fees upwards of $150 monthly. 

Fitness 19’s low prices are especially beneficial for high school students who want to stay active on a budget. 

“I think this is a big win for PV residents,” senior Christopher Lachowicz said. 

“The only other gym in Palos Verdes is the Equinox, which is very expensive.” 

Fitness 19 emphasizes strength training and has a variety of strength-oriented equipment within its 20,000 square foot space that allows for a personalized workout experience. 

“There’s going to be so much to do: free weights, strength machines, functional strength equipment, cardio machines, and stretching areas,” Max Polin, a senior at Chadwick High School and Fitness 19 employee, said. 

 “Both locker rooms will have a steam room and a sauna, 90 lockers, and showers.” 

Every new Fitness 19 member receives one free personal training session. 

Each personal trainer is required to “obtain either a bachelor’s degree in exercise science or be certified by one of eleven nationally accredited certifications,” according to the Fitness 19 website.  

Trainers create a customized fitness plan for their clients, focusing on specific goals such as fat and weight loss, muscle building, corrective movement, senior fitness, and sport-specific athlete programs. 

Additionally, each member is provided a login for the Fitness 19 App, a comprehensive tool that integrates various aspects of health and fitness management. It enables users to track workouts and meals, and measure results, all under the guidance of a personal trainer. 

The gym is scheduled to open in early December. 

“I can’t wait to sign up,” senior Aaron Paik said.

Students are looking forward to all the options they’ll have at the gym.

“I think our generation just wants to lift weights,” Corry said. 

“We don’t want 100 ellipticals, treadmills, and stationary bikes taking up all the space.” 

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