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Who is Dr. Serrano?

PVPUSD Introduces New Superintendent
(Photo credit Cynthia Mindicino)

Dr. Devin Serrano has been introduced to the Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District as head superintendent. 

Serrano majored in Political Science at California State University Chico with the goal of practing law. However, after a job as a teaching assistant she knew that education was her calling. 

“I chose to go into education because I enjoyed working with children. I discovered that I loved teaching,” Serrano said.

“I enjoyed planning lessons that would be fun and engaging for students. Through teaching I was able to make a positive difference in the lives of my students and families.”

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After many years of working in education, Serrano applied to become the new PVPUSD head Superintendent. 

“One of the big things she has already brought is support. Dr. Serrano made it clear when she introduced herself to the principals of all the schools that she wants to work with and support schools with their individual needs and unique cultures,” said Associate Principal D.J. Hill. 

“She listens to school leaders to learn the school’s needs and works with administration to help come up with practical solutions.”

Serrano also advocates for students district wide. 

“She’s very enthusiastic and passionate about having a student voice in our district,” senior Alaina Wong, PVHS student representative to the school board, said. 

“She really wants to involve students in the inner workings of the district. She’s trying to incorporate middle schoolers and a lot of high schoolers to help her gain feedback on what the district can do better.”

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