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New LA Harbor Dual-Enrollment Courses Offered at PVHS

(Graphic by Nathan Chavira)

In partnership with Los Angeles Harbor College, three new dual enrollment pathways have been introduced at PVHS. Each pathway consists of semester-long, college level courses earning students both high school and college credits. 

The Business Pathway includes classes such as Business 001, Business Law, and Applied Statistics. 

“I think the business pathway will help me a lot in college,” said senior Ty Sorenson. 

“I’m learning introductory skills and knowledge specific to my future degree, where I will build upon what I’m learning now. The difficulty is similar to an AP class.” 

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The Data Analytics/Statistics pathway includes Applied Statistics and Research Methods, where students learn the fundamentals of data analysis. Although the class meets weekly, the majority of the class is held asynchronously – students are expected to complete weekly assignments and labs. 

“This class has been really informative and practical. We’ve been learning about concepts like interpreting data, using appropriate charts and graphs to display data, and probability,” said senior Will Jorczak. 

“This class has been super interesting and is more about thinking and understanding statistics than math.”

Additionally, a Culinary Pathway is offered on Saturdays at Los Angeles Harbor College campus. The pathway includes: Elements of Cooking, Voc Ed 540, Food Handlers Card, and Basic Math for Culinary Professionals. Students learn both culinary theory and skills that develop their proficiency in cooking. 

“At Harbor College, Chef Pastora has been teaching us numerous cooking techniques and methods. Some of these include how to sharpen knives, how to fabricate meat, how to plate food, and food proportion/serving sizes.” said freshman Samuel Sun.

Upon completion of each pathway, a certificate is awarded that recognizes the student’s achievement and proficiency.

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