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Behind the New Class Comp Rules

ASB Implements New Rules That Give all Grades a Chance to Win

For years it has been a tradition that seniors win every Class Comp. This historical winning streak leaves freshmen, sophomores, and juniors disappointed or indifferent due to the predictable outcome of each game.

This long-time tradition has seen its end this year, as ASB has made the decision to change the Class Comp’s point system. 

ASB’s intention was to provide more equal chances to win for

each class.

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“We had a discussion as a classroom to change the point system,” senior class president Tate Rioux said. 

“All grades had a chance to state their opinion and we came together to form new rules. ASB is intending to level the playing fields for all grades. We want to give each grade the opportunity to win the prize at the end of the year and bragging rights in school.”

The new rules are complex, but they eliminate the subjectivity of the previous point system giving each game a clear winner.

“Each game is weighted differently depending on the difficulty,” Rioux said. 

 “We add up the total points throughout the year and the grade with the most wins the prize.”

This new change has brought a boost in school morale, as each class is more eager to participate, especially seniors. 

“I think it’s a tough situation since we’re seniors and we’ve been waiting four years to finally win, but now it’s different,” Red Tide captain Ashlyn Jensen said. 

“I think it’s more exciting now that people don’t know what to expect. The morale is higher and people feel more excited when they do win. It keeps everyone on their toes. I think wins feel more deserved,” she said.

Although the new point system provides an advantage to underclassmen, some still believe that class comp is rigged in favor of the seniors. 

“Whenever it’s a tiebreaker or they are deciding who makes the most noise, they often help or choose the seniors whenever the game permits them to do so,” freshman Vik Gianchandani said.  

Despite suspicions from underclassmen, ASB advisor, Jama Maxfield assures students that the rules are now fair. 

“The whole goal behind this was to make sure there was no rigging for the classes, and that they learn to work together to try to get the grand prize, which is the barbeque lunch day full of games,” Maxfield said. 

“So there will be absolutely no rigging, in fact, I think it has been really interesting how things have balanced out right now, so really it’s anyone’s ball game.”

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